13 Self-Care Moments to Squeeze in Before Baby Tick tock, mama.

By Danielle Halibey | Photo by HATCH

Self-care is a huge thing for every person, but if you’re a mom-to-be, you deserve a bit more. You’ll be in the trenches with a real, live human soon enough, so for right now, treat yourself in a big effin’ way.  And when we say that, we mean lean into “me time” hard, because finding it when you’re glued to your new baby apps, logging every pee and poop, covered in spit up, and racking up days since you last took a shower (no judgment, I hit a week more than a few times with my babes) is a lost cause. 

We’ve rounded up a ton of amazing and mama-safe self-care items for anyone who needs it in the last few weeks/months leading up to baby’s arrival. From dreamy silk pillowcases and delectable mini doses [of chocolate] to alcohol-free bottles of cabernet and a pair of super cute compression socks, this is the self-care stuff we’ve been loving lately.