14 Postpartum Styles that will Save Your 4th Trimester Because getting dressed is hard.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

From a “getting dressed” perspective, the 4th trimester is a bit of a sh*t show. You’re no longer pregnant, but you look pregnant. Your boobs are leaking, your body is swollen and you may or may not be bleeding. Oh, and did we mention your in-laws are coming for lunch?

Fear not, dear mama. When it comes to 4th trimester, it’s all about keeping things comfy, chill, and hey, maybe a little cute with postpartum essentials that get the job done. Whether that job means nursing around the clock, recovering from a c-section, or actually going into an office, it’s all about easy-access nursing tops, cozy leggings that give you a little shape, a multi-functional tank that doubles as a nursing/pumping bra, and jumpsuits that make you look like you have it together. And one day, you will, we swear! But in the meantime, peep these must-have pieces.