4 Ways HATCH Helps New and Expecting Mamas Stay in Style One way per trimester!

All of us expecting mothers can finally breathe a sigh of relief because a void has been filled in the world of maternity clothing. HATCH is a company for maternity solutions that don’t look like maternity. They offer the pieces that can help you make each moment of pregnancy more enjoyable. How does this inspiring brand do it? By allowing you to find the clothing and mama-safe skincare that aligns with your everyday sense of style when it’s not an everyday phase of your life.

Designing Bestselling Styles

Women give up a lot when they get pregnant—sushi, a second cup of coffee, that coveted Friday night glass of wine—but they don’t have to give up their style and the clothes that help them feel like themselves. HATCH can make it easy for expectant mamas to feel classy, glamorous, and just plain beautiful, even if they spend most of their time in joggers and cardigans. Their gorgeous silhouettes have become the bestselling maternity dresses, tops, and bottoms for chic and confidence-boosting pregnancy fashion.

With Every Occasion in Mind

With all the styles they offer, it’s no surprise that you can find something from HATCH for every occasion during your pregnancy. From professional environments to casual settings, formal outings, and everywhere in-between, HATCH can be the one-stop shop that provides all your maternity looks. You can even shop their curated collections for hospital bags, seasonal styles, babymoon must-haves, and the most comfortable, everyday outfits.

Where You Can Bundle Deals

There is going to be clothing that you wear on repeat throughout pregnancy. While it’s totally fine to wear through your favorite pair of leggings and bras, you might want to have more than one pair on hand during pregnancy, just in case.

Everyday essentials like bike shorts, nursing bras, and underwear, among other must-haves for pregnancy, are available for you to bundle with HATCH. It’s like the founder and designers have been pregnant before or something because they actually offer what you need to maintain your sanity. The women behind HATCH know you can’t have enough of some necessary items for pre- and post-bun.  

From the First to Third Trimester and Beyond

Speaking of clothing pre- and post-baby, HATCH lets you invest in your wardrobe—not just maternity wear. You can wear their timeless styles from the first trimester into the third trimester and long after. Even your nursing dress from HATCH can be worn before or after any period of breastfeeding. If you switch to formula or your baby is ready for an all-solids diet, you can still rock your HATCH nursing dress.

Regardless of whether or not you’re new to motherhood, you probably know that it was about time maternity and nursing clothes got an upgrade. HATCH can provide you with chic pieces and comfortable loungewear to help you feel beautiful even when you can’t wear those slim, designer shoes. They can be your go-to for on-trend maternity dresses, jumpsuits, leggings, bras, and other pieces that you might want to wear even when the bun comes out of the oven.

Stay true to yourself and your sense of style with HATCH at www.hatchcollection.com