9 Gifts For Babe That You Won't Regret Later Peace out, drum set....

By Babe | Photo by Manhattan Toy

The holidays are upon us, and while we’re busy gifting our friends, family and – let’s face it – ourselves, our little ones are often overlooked. Especially if they’re of the age where they know absolutely nothing and everyday is Christmas, why go above and beyond? At the same time, gifts are freiken’ CUTE, and the idea of kids opening gifts in matching PJs is even cuter.

But, before you go buying up anything and everything that Amazon recommends for their age group, take counsel, dear mamas. Know that not all gifts are created equally. Gifts for babies are often annoying AF. There’s the loud noises, the banging sounds, and forget about the massive play structure that just took over your living room. That’s where we come in. We’re rounding up the cutest, chicest, most brain-stimulating gifts for the wee set that are (mostly) quiet, nice to look at, and will ignite the imagination.