Baby pulling at mother's swimsuit to reach nippleBaby pulling at mother's swimsuit to reach nipple

9 Picks for Your Nipples, Because They Need Love Nursing or pumping moms, we gotchu.

By Danielle Halibey l Photo by @monikh

Okay, so full disclosure, we’re not lactation consultants or OBGYNS, but we do have a vested interest in new moms and their boobs. As mamas ourselves, we’ve taken notes at all the basic breastfeeding 101 classes and been shook after a nurse or IBCLC (international board-certified lactation consultant) grabbed our boob legit minutes after birth to get a “head start” on breastfeeding. (Kind of crazy when you’re still numb from anesthesia or shaking from said drugs, but we get it, activating nursing mode as soon as baby finds your nip has its advantages).

Thing is, even when the elusive *perfect latch* is achieved, nipple pain can still happen. Yes, evolutionarily speaking breastfeeding is a normal, natural thing, and, for sure, our bodies probably have some sort of internal blueprint to figure out what to do. But when you’ve kept a baby healthy and nourished on the inside for 9+ months and now they’re out the womb screaming and rooting around to find your nipple—their primary food source—to suck on for 10-20 minutes at a time, 8-12 times a day, yeah things can quickly go from okay, let’s gooo to WTH is happening. Chapped, chafing nipples, soreness, possible bleeding, and feeling wiped after just being milked, from the mouth, essentially, it’s a lot.

That’s why 1) Let’s normalize not making moms feel weird or wrong about having postpartum pain. Of course, feeling constant pain for weeks into this feeding journey should be checked out (and lactation consultants are miracle workers, truly); but, in the beginning, when you’re still getting the hang of nursing, pumping (because that’s a whole other thing to learn), or a blend of both, you can have discomfort without there needing to be a “root cause.” Sometimes it just f*cking hurts. 2) So, while you’re still working out the kinks and finding your rhythm with babe, you can and should feel free to embrace the nipple savers out there. From rescue balms and booby tubes, to help you cope with irritated nipples and serious soreness, this is the good stuff 👇