Pregnant woman wearing maternity pajamasPregnant woman wearing maternity pajamas

Our Complete Guide to Buying Postpartum Pajamas

By Babe

The fourth trimester is a time of joy and stress. You have a brand new baby, and you’re no longer pregnant, but you’re likely exhausted, sore, and a milk-producing machine.

So… what about you, mama?

With all the pressures of caring for this little human who depends on you for everything, you might forget that you cannot burn the candle at both ends. 

Not to worry! We’re here to not only reinforce our love for you but help you find it in yourself to love inwards, too. You deserve the same pampering, care, and gentleness that you give to your baby. After all, you’ve been through so much to complete this journey. You deserve a little space to chill. 

Let us do the talking while we take you through the dreamland that is postpartum nightwear and sleeping tips.

Sleep Schedules

Before we jump right into it, let’s discuss your new, ever-changing sleep schedule. Maybe you’re the type of person who always needed a full eight hours. Or maybe you hit the hay at precisely the same time each night, up with your alarm and the sunrise feeling super refreshed. All of this has been thrown to the wayside. Now, you’re working on baby time

Align with Baby

It can be a little tricky to perfect your own sleep routine when your baby is just establishing theirs. Some newborns have trouble staying asleep for the entire night, but this isn’t always the case. For at least the first six months of life, some medical professionals recommend that you set up a bassinet and have a baby-mommy slumber party. 

It is not uncommon for a baby to sleep for most of their infant stage. They might get the same eight hours as you normally do, but this can climb steeply to 16 hours if they’ve had a tiresome day. They also need a longer total amount of sleep because they consistently wake up for feeding time and are jolted by slight noise or temperature change. 

This will adjust as they get older and they establish a feeding routine. They’ll also become more comfortable in their environment. Plus, for moms who are pumping, they might enjoy creating some to-go bottles so that their partner can answer that 4 am wail.

Fourth Trimester Insomnia

For you, this alignment may be a little tricky. Postpartum mamas can experience insomnia. In fact, 75% of women report not being able to sleep even during the second and third trimesters. As you can imagine, a crying baby doesn’t help the situation come the fourth trimester.

The shift is also chemical. During the postpartum period, mamas produce less of the hormone that helps them fall asleep, progesterone, and decreased melatonin. 

The good news is that you’re not alone. Insomnia is very common, impacting between 10 and 30% of all adults. This means that there are proven ways to combat it. 

Some awesome methods include controlling your breath and practicing anxiety-reducing mindfulness. Try to meditate or put down your phone for at least a half-hour before your head hits the pillow. The same steps for baby can also apply to you: dim your lights, go to the bathroom, lie down, get up to pee again, and then go back to bed.

Lounge in Luxury

Now that we’ve established the importance of logging those zzz’s, let’s get to the best part of every 90s rom-com — the shopping montage.

You may have some silky nightgowns and comfy shorts stuffed away in your closet from before the bump, but this is the perfect time to invest in stretchier and more comfortable clothes. 

Even a few months after you’ve given birth, your body is still in transition mode. You may have a bit of your belly left or have scars from surgery that are beginning to heal. You also might be breastfeeding and surprised by how your chest has changed. Be gentle and careful with your body because it is magical, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Treat yourself with care by wearing loose and lightweight garments. It is best to wear sets of pajamas that come with layers. This can mean a shawl, a light bathroom, or an adjustable top. You may also want to check out shirts with buttons. These additions make feeding time way easier, especially when you’re fumbling around in the dark. 

Let’s go over clothing hacks for every new mama:

Everyday vs. Events

Pajamas are not all created equal. Most women reserve a pair of nightwear that they use during different months of the year, one that they wear on vacation and one that makes them feel sexy. When it comes to postpartum PJs, whatever helps you to rest in the most practical sense is the way to go. Being comfortable is sexy, and that is a hill we will die on.

This means ditching heavy materials and too-hot fabric. Breathable and flexible is what’s best. Make sure that you can move freely in whatever you buy and that it doesn’t feel restrictive on the more sensitive parts of your body. This is best for everyday wear. 

Home from Hospital

Special attention should be paid to those first few nights after your baby is born. You might spend them staring at your beautiful newborn like most mamas, but at least you can do it in style! Check out our Hatch-to-Hospital Box for the ultimate collection of post-birth products. 

This set includes our ultra-soft organic bamboo (Rayon) brief. It not only moves with you, but it doesn’t have any elastics for a loose and airy fit. There is also an organic bamboo nightgown (the fabric of our dreams). This favorite fan material is great to snooze in, and even better, it comes with buttons for that easy-access nursing practice. 

Throw on our organic bamboo robe if you’re feeling a little chilly with that hospital AC system on full blast. Newborns absolutely thrive off skin-to-skin contact. Yes, science proves that cuddling is the best thing ever. You can swaddle your little babe against your chest with this warm robe.

Lastly, we added a pair of cozy, organic cotton gray socks to keep your feet off of the hospital room floor. The best part? The socks are 100% cotton. But keep that between us because all of the new moms on the maternity ward might try to snatch them up!

The New Mama Sleep Bundle (of Joy)

Bringing your baby home is a massive step in their life and yours. You get to see them in a new light. After the party has died down and it’s time to rest, you might feel a little lost.

We’re here to guide you:

Check out our New Mama Sleep Bundle. Look inside to find our Classic Jersey PJ Set, including a smooth modal/spandex material and a waistband that can be adjusted by drawstring to fit just right (with or without belly).

Our Skin to Skin Bra is perfect for those heartwarming cuddles and conforms to your body so well you’ll forget it’s there. Complete your look with the High Tuck Brief, which perfectly falls just over your stomach to hold it all together whether you had a C-section or vaginal birth.

The Chic Sleep Gown

Why choose one? Here at Hatch Collection, we meet fashion with mama-ready flexibility. Our garments are so versatile that they can be worn during a nighttime feed and while chatting with your fellow mom friends.

A perfect example? Our Pointelle Nightgown

This is the perfect transition piece for your wardrobe because it can seamlessly move from a maternity pajama choice to one that fits comfortably during postpartum. It is made from 100% organic cotton, a clean and soft choice. It is ultra-stretchy, so the front placket for nursing isn’t necessary.

The best part is the style of this piece and all of our pieces. With choices in light blue and black, let your inner fashion icon shine.

From Fashion to Flexibility

R & R is so 2008. We are about R&R&R — rest, relaxation, reward.

What better way to comfort yourself than with a good night’s sleep? We all know that the best way to achieve this is through a cozy set of PJs. So kick back and relax. 

It’s time to unwind.

When it comes to sleeping well as a new mom, there’s more to the equation than just pajamas. While high-quality maternity PJs can make a huge difference in your sleep quality, taking care of yourself and your baby and prioritizing bedtime wellness matters, too.

By creating a peaceful sleep environment, cultivating healthy bedtime habits, and choosing comfy, well-made pajamas, you can get the rest that you need and take on everything that mom life throws at you!