Pregnant women laying in bed togetherPregnant women laying in bed together

A Pregnancy Community That'll Keep you from Stressing Meet Tribe Called V.

By Babe | photos courtesy of Maria Toscano

Do you ever feel like there’s entirely too much anxiety around pregnancy and postpartum? Dr. Shieva Ghofrany does. And she’d know. The Stamford, CT.- based OB-GYN has seen thousands of pregnant patients come through her doors, and they’re all dealing with massive amounts of stress. “I spend the majority of my day playing defense for people not to freak out,” says Ghofrany. “And it’s because medical professionals don’t have the time to preemptively mediate it. Wouldn’t it be great if a doctor told a patient, ‘Here’s why you shouldn’t be so anxious. Here are the numbers, don’t be stressed out.”

So in an effort to placate the woes of pregnant women everywhere, Dr. Ghofrany teamed up with Jenny Hayes Edwards, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to launch Tribe Called V, a robust educational platform whose mission is to increase women’s knowledge to decrease their anxiety as it relates to their female health, while having lots of fun in the process. 
Included in your membership is a 40-week digital pregnancy course, a “My OB and Me” program and even a 200 page e-book. There are also Facebook groups and live Zooms, lactation classes, pelvic floor therapists, all at a members’ disposal, and all with the effort to educate women and be there for them even after office hours are over.

“Even if you have a doctor you love, they don’t always have the time to talk you off a ledge and make you less anxious,” says Ghofrany. “Think of us almost like your coaches. We may not be their doctors but they can log on and be coached and feel great about where they are in the journey instead of stressed.”