Add Some Pride To Your Child’s Library Books that honor LGBTQIA+ and the many ways to live and love.

By Babe | Photo by Stocksy

June is here, bringing with it the vibrant festivities of Pride Month, a period to honor and celebrate the diverse spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. At Babe HQ, we’re more than mere spectators—we are fervent advocates for love, acceptance, and unity.

And it all starts with our future heroes—the babes themselves. By teaching them these values, we’re nurturing empathy and understanding that, more than ever, is essential to being part of this world. 

To help you with this goal, we’ve curated a selection of our favorite books that celebrate diverse families, reflecting a rainbow of family life.

So, gear up for a literary journey. From captivating narratives to heartwarming illustrations, these books will undoubtedly earn a cherished place in your babe’s library. Pride Month is not just about vibrant parades, it’s about teaching love, acceptance, and pride in every color of the rainbow. Let’s dive headfirst into celebrating and recognizing diversity and inclusivity—this Pride Month and every month.