Amrit The mama-to-be DJ on pregnancy style and moving on from miscarriage.

By Caroline Tell | Photos by Frankie Marin

As an entrepreneur, podcast host, DJ, and strategic consultant, Amrit keeps it moving and shaking with an irreverent spirit that matches her eclectic, sought-after style. Now, the perennial cool girl and sustainability and diversity advocate is pregnant with her first after experiencing two miscarriages.

We sat down with Amrit, who’s currently splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles, to discuss how it’s going – from maternity style to fertility struggles, to how she found support from her rockstar Instagram community.

How are you feeling? How’s it all going so far?

So far so good! Everyday is a rollercoaster of emotions. I’ve found redirecting my energy towards gratitude and accepting that while we can’t control all the ups and downs, we can take control of our own mental state of mind. It’s been super helpful. It’s definitely easier said than done, but it’s a work in progress.

Can you share your path to pregnancy?

Like most women, it hasn’t been linear! We’ve had a few bumps in the roads — two miscarriages and currently what they refer to as “high risk geriatric,” which is pretty funny because it’s a pretty outdated and biased medical term.

Totally. You’ve been open about your fertility struggles. How has that transparency helped you?

Sharing has always been cathartic for me. I get a ton of people reaching out with similar stories and I feel really honored that they’ve chosen to share and be vulnerable with me. I do my best to acknowledge every reach-out but also always recommend they seek medical advice, since I’m not a practitioner and only have my own personal content. I’ve also created outlets like my Instagram Q+A’s that allow people to submit questions that I address on the podcast. I recently did a solo miscarriage episode that answered a ton of frequently asked topics and questions, so I usually redirect people to that.

Was there a moment when you finally felt safe in feeling excited, or in wanting to celebrate?

There are definitely moments in which we’ve had to be a little more cautious, as our pregnancy has been considered high risk, so sometimes the extra procedures and tests can dampen and take away from the excitement. We’re taking each day as it comes and trying to focus on the positive. I love that I can feel her move so much more now. That acts as a constant reminder for me to focus on how grateful we are that she chose us and how excited we are for her arrival.

Let’s talk style! How would you define your pregnancy style? Which pieces have been your go-tos?

My pregnancy style changes day to day depending on my mood, sometimes it’s oversized and functional and sometimes it’s fitted and fun, but with a little belly pop. I feel like I’ve managed to keep my style throughout the process — with some adaptations. I’m definitely leaning on drawstring style cargo pants and knit style pants to accommodate the growing belly!

What can’t you wait to wear after giving birth?

Non-stretch leather and denim. It’ll be nice to also be able to zip and button up pants all the way versus my current fold over vibe.

Do you feel an identity shift as a pregnant woman? How have your ideals of beauty changed or evolved during your pregnancy?

It’s such a crazy experience because pregnancy forces you to accept all the things that, as a woman, you’ve been taught to fight against, like society’s “ideal beauty standards,” like looking a certain size or way. So sometimes there are insecure moments, but I’m working on evolving out of that way of thinking. It’s an uphill battle if I’m being perfectly honest, but I think it’s important we have conversations about these things to normalize and help women feel less alone.

“Pregnancy forces you to accept all the things that, as a woman, you’ve been taught to fight against.”

What sort of self-care or wellness rituals have you been leaning on throughout your pregnancy to help you feel great? 

I’ve been doing a ton of yoga and stretching, which has been helping me physically and mentally with working through any usual kinds of body insecurities, past trauma and family issues resurfacing and work insecurities. I’m also back in therapy, and have had my partner join for a few sessions (which we’ve never done before). We’re usually on the same page so it’s been less about us and more so about what’s coming up for us on the horizon of the baby’s birth how to handle it as a team.

What’s been your go-to diet? Any crazy cravings?

I’m definitely eating a lot more and just giving in to what my body needs  — so it’s a little more carb heavy than what I usually have. No complaints there! I’ve also been having strong peanut butter cravings so I have that most days, either in a smoothie or on a bagel.

You’re a jet-setting DJ. What does maternity leave look like for you, or a working life with a baby?

I’m doing a lot less jet setting right now! I’m in my second trimester going into my third, so I’m in the stretch of flying and DJing pre-baby, which has been challenging but fun! I love knowing she’s right there enjoying the music and maybe having a little dance in the womb. I’m really fortunate that I work for myself and have a ton of projects that can be done from home, like my podcast Unhinged. So I get to figure out what’s best after we’ve settled into a routine post-birth.

What does your postpartum look like? Will you honor any 40 day rituals?

This has been a frequent discussion of late! We’re still figuring this out but we know that we plan to have some bonding time with the baby in the first couple of weeks (so no visitors and just the two of us in the delivery room) —  and maintaining a stress free peaceful environment, low lights, no loud noises, warm foods with the baby within nine feet of us at all times.

What are your hopes for your child?

Health and happiness!