At-Home Workouts to Do With Your Kids How relaxing.

As we’re all struggling to make sense of the world, few activities can give us an instant dose of zen like a good old fashioned, heart pumping workout. Chalk it up to serotonin, or maybe just the fact that you haven’t moved since you woke up, but whatever the reason, getting in some exercise can mean the difference between a never-ending feast of existential dread and just small, snackable moments of it. Couple that with your kids’ over-the-top energy levels and your quest to keep them busy, and you just might find that a mommy-and-me workout is exactly what you both need to stay sane in these trying times. We’ve rounded up a few, below:

The Class By Taryn Toomey: Taryn Toomey is an icon in stylish circles for her deeply cleansing, spiritually-based workouts that not only get the heart rate going, but nurture the soul. Now, your kids can also reap the benefits via The Class for Kids, where she and daughters Finley and Lettie lead a kid-friendly version of The Class from Taryn’s apartment. This low-fi edition is designed to get you moving with your kids so you can both enjoy putting hands on heart, hopping around, clearing the heart and everything else that makes this practice special.

Karma Kids Yoga: The philosophy of this popular kids yoga class is based on using a variety of tools that both children and adults can take away from class and use throughout their lives. Karma Kids’ practice includes animals, nature and other child-friendly features as kids learn to stretch their bodies in creative ways. Through basic and challenging yoga poses, as well as partner and group poses, yoga games, mindfulness activities, music and stories, Karma Kids promotes strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness, as well as breathing and visualization techniques that teach focus, relaxation and self-control for both kids and grown-ups, alike.

Kids Get Moving: Got a Thor-obsessed, Jedi-master, Ironman-in-training going apesh*t around your house? All you have to do is google “Superhero workouts” and you’ll find a treasure trove of activities for your wannabe ninja warrior. We love this Thor-themed Avengers workout. Scroll through the Kids Get Moving Youtube page and you’ll find different variations featuring Spiderman, Star Wars, Batman, The Joker and more. Swords not included. 

IntenSati for Kids: Patricia Moreno’s popular ab busting, glute sizzling, core blasting, high energy workout is now tailor made for kids. Think jumping jacks, warrior poses and fun chants all set in the backdrop of Patricia’s basement, complete with kid kitchens and other toys in the background, because #quarantinelife. Little warriors in particular will love the “punch it out” move, especially when paired with mantras like “I really really want it!” and “I believe I will succeed!”

The Body Coach: Joe Wicks, AKA the Body Coach has a super popular Youtube channel among mothers and kids, alike, and for good reason. His fitness method uses short intense High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT or, colloquially, ‘HIT’) workouts that’ll have you and your little ones panting in no time. It actually wasn’t until the coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom that he began “P.E With Joe” on YouTube to try to help children stay active, and boy are we glad he did.