Because Sitting on Santa's Lap is so 2019 Meet Santa HQ.

By Babe | All photos by Santa HQ

Given the uptick in Covid-19 cases (helloooo, dark winter), our pal Santa Claus is doing things a little differently this year. He’s had time to sharpen his digital skills (a result of all that Zooming with his elves) and now he’s ready to chat with your little one to get the deets on what they want for the holidays. 

Meet Santa HQ, a new service offering a variety of ways to get exclusive Santa access, without the IRL hang. For $13, you can receive festive content unlocked daily, like singalongs, dancing, arts and crafts, storytelling and outdoor exploring, as well as a ready-to-print photo journal file. At the $26 level, you get a unique pre-recorded video message for you and your family and a special Santa HQ Christmas Adventure. But the $40 Santa VIP section is where it’s at. You’ll get a scheduled video call live with the big guy. Yep, your child will have the ear of the man himself to ask all those important questions and give him vital information from their Christmas wish list before his busiest night of the year.

In true 2020 style, Santa HQ is phoning the magic back into the holidays this year, even when it feels like nothing else will. And let’s be honest, the whole “Santa’s lap” thing is a little creepy anyway.