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Believe Diapers is the Disruptor Mamas Have Been Waiting For Meet the diaper brand giving back.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Believe Diapers

While diaper companies across the country are raising prices, Believe Diapers is giving away their product for free. Yes. The same, premium eco-friendly, organic bamboo-based, healthy diapers that they worked hard to create. And no, they’re not changing their prices. Talk about a disruptor. But this should come as no surprise to those familiar with the husband and wife-founded brand known equally for their quality product as they are for their charitable 1-for-1 model.

American families are being hit by diaper price hikes, and it’s only about to get worse. Over the past year, diaper prices already rose nearly 10% and as of last week, two major diaper manufacturers have announced additional price increases. 

Diapers are already a huge expense for Americans, and the problem is only getting worse. “It costs around $80 a month to provide diapers for one child, and one in three American families struggled to afford diapers even before the pandemic,” Joanne Goldblum, chief executive officer of the National Diaper Bank Network told CNN in an interview. The National Diaper Bank Network, which has over 200 diaper banks nationwide, reported an “86% increase on average in the number of diapers distributed to children and families during the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic figures.”

Believe Diapers is not only designed to prevent blowouts and leaks, but it is hypoallergenic and allows for fewer diaper changes. It is the newest eco-friendly, socially responsible diaper to hit the market, and has created a product for a new generation of parents that deserve a new kind of diaper. A diaper that surpasses all expectations when it comes to quality and sustainability (i.e. safe for sensitive skin, super-absorbent, chemical-free, and planet-friendly) and has a purpose.

To date, in the three months since its February launch, Believe Diapers has donated over 1 million diapers to U.S. families in need and the number keeps growing. 

A few basic things to know about this 5-star diaper? (And yes, 5-star is an accurate accolade, just read the multitude of reviews on their site.)

The diapers are made from organic bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is recommended by dermatologists for being a naturally anti-bacterial, deodorizing, breathable, and super-absorbent fiber? It’s naturally moisture-wicking and thermal regulating to keep your little one constantly cozy. What’s more is that bamboo is biodegradable, helping reduce 2.3 times less water waste than standard disposable diapers and decomposing about 500 years faster.

It’s impossible to stress the importance of Believe Diapers’ charitable 1-for-1 matching program. Each diaper sold means a diaper donated to a U.S. family in need, meaning when you buy a diaper from Believe Diapers you are helping to create a new (and very necessary) standard in premium diapers.

This article was written in partnership with Believe Diapers.