Black History is American History How we're teaching our kids about Black history...all year long.

By Babe | Illustration by Ana Hard

Four Black mothers talk Black History Month and the lessons they’re imparting to their kids this month and all year long.

Black History Awareness Isn’t One Month

“I know February is all about Black History Month, but I’m teaching my kids about Black history all year long. We’re watching movies, checking out local Black artists, reading Black writers and studying Black heroes. I want them to know they don’t get just one month to celebrate their culture’s story.”

– Tanya K., mama of three.

We Don’t Hide From History

“As much as my first reaction as a mom is to shield my kids from the ugliness of Black History Month, they need to know their history to make sure it doesn’t get repeated, and to play a role in stopping the harsh injustices thrust upon us as a Black community. Our country’s history isn’t pretty, but knowledge equals power.”

– Sena P., mama of two.

Black History Is Individual

“I’m encouraging my kids to read, research and ask the questions around Black history. I want them to focus on what excites them about our people’s stories and to investigate into it further. For my son, that’s sports and looking at our great history in athletics. For my daughter, it’s performance, and studying the Black greats that have contributed so much to the aesthetics and arts of both Black and white culture.”

– Lisa C., mama of three.

Black History is American History

“Very few people know that the first slave ship arrived before the pilgrims. Black history has been around longer than American history. I want my kids to know that their history goes back just as long, and that their history is American history. Period.”

– April S., mama of two.