Bonpoint's Meghan Klopp on her road to motherhood.

By Ruthie Friedlander

Chic as ever, Meghan, public relations & marketing brains behind luxury children’s brand Bonpoint, is pregnant with a little girl.

Before the holidays, we caught up with this all-around-beauty and NYC native about the trials of conceiving, raising kids in the city, and having faith that everything will work out. Plus, what she’s craving (sushi much?), her high hopes for the future, and tips for dressing bébé, of course. 

Path to pregnancy?

My husband and I have been together for six years now and married since June of 2019. We hoped to have kids right after the wedding, but that wasn’t the case. While some people get lucky the first time around, it took much longer than we had anticipated, and every month that passed, the disappointment was excruciating. Of course, like poetry, we finally got pregnant on our 1st wedding anniversary. It was kind of cute and totally unplanned. Overall this whole experience has taught me that I can’t control everything and that ultimately life finds a way. I’m a firm believer there’s a plan for everyone, and what’s meant to be will be. This little bébé was definitely meant to be ours.

Girl or Boy?

We’re having a girl, and couldn’t be more excited! I’ve always dreamed of having a daughter, and for my husband, I don’t think he quite realizes what he’s in for yet. Dads and daughters have such sweet relationships…he may be meeting the love of his life very soon.

Pregnant through Covid?

Mid-march, we moved up to my husband’s family farm in Upstate NY. Seeing as we’re both city kids, spending time in nature, going on walks, and taking care of the animals on the farm was been a very special experience.

A silver lining of getting pregnant during Covid was working remotely. At the peak of my nausea, I don’t know how I would have taken a subway to go to the office! There were some days I could hardly move.

Additionally, because this was my first pregnancy, the fact that my husband couldn’t come to the doctors’ appointments or the scans wasn’t as big of a deal for us because we have never known anything different. Had this been our second, with an experience to compare it to, perhaps we would feel differently. But, in our case, it was just the way it was.

Lastly, the most memorable part of Covid has been the time we have spent with our families. We have so many funny memories of everyone at home, working together, doing everything together. It’s been a real blessing.


I was extremely nauseous for the first five or so months; it was brutal. Before getting pregnant, I was under the impression that “morning sickness” only happened in the morning. But, no, not for me. Instead, it was an ALL day affair. Then, out of the blue, one day, it just stopped.

Now, at 31 weeks, I’m feeling great. We’re splitting our time between the city and country, and I’m trying to remain super active. I walk with a friend twice a week for about 5 miles around Central Park. Plus, I have a trainer that I love; we do kickboxing and lightweights in the park. I’m hoping staying active helps with the delivery and recovery period.

Birth plan?

I love my doctor and trust her explicitly. She is at NY Presbyterian, where I’ll deliver, and “the plan” is to follow her lead regarding whatever is safest for the baby and me. That said, the closer I get to my due date, the more nervous I’m getting, but she is so reassuring every time I talk to her. The reality is, for centuries, women have done this, and I just have to have faith in myself that I can too!


I’m going to try. I’ve heard it’s good for so many reasons, including bonding with the baby, building antibodies, and of course the added perk of weight loss and burning calories (which quite frankly sounds excellent!).

Maternity leave?

I’m fortunate to work with a super supportive team and a great company. I don’t know how I’ll feel post-baby, but I’ve heard from friends that you need about three months to focus solely on the baby. But, who knows, maybe six weeks after I will want to go back and work part-time. Bonpoint is super flexible, and I plan to take it as it comes. Usually, I’m such a planner, but this is one of those things that can’t be planned.

Cravings much?

Sushi for sure. I have been indulging every once and a while in Salmon sushi from Nobu or Kappa Masa. My dear friend is Japanese and assures me that women in Japan eat sushi when pregnant. However, she warned to avoid the big fish that eat other fish such as Tuna because of high mercury levels.

Other than that, my diet has completely changed, and I have so many aversions. Typically I follow a healthier, vegetable-forward diet, but lately, all I want is carbs and sweets and tomatoes. Everything is upside down. For example, I used love raw nuts as a snack, but now, I can’t even look at them! Plus, I’m having a tough time incorporating vegetables and salads into my diet, sadly. I even tried adding spinach to a delicious almond smoothie, but my body knew, and I got sick right straight after. The healthiest thing that my body is craving is tomatoes, and I’m not even into tomatoes. Therefore, I add tomatoes to everything, because otherwise, all I want is baked goods and sweets.

Fun tip! I have tested all the croissants in NY and have found the best plain croissants are from Ladurée…although I won’t admit how many times I have gone there!

As much as I’m craving sweets, I’m trying to incorporate more fruits over desserts into my diet along with protein via yogurt, eggs, avocado, and cheese. Some good news, I passed my gestational diabetes test, which, not going to lie, I was nervous because I have had so many sweets!

Dressing the baby?

I cannot wait to dress her up! Obviously, given where I work, I had to start with a wardrobe from Bonpoint (which is pretty amazing), from the onesies with embroidered collars to the cashmere sets and Bonpoint classic “duchesse” smocked dress. My mom also saved all of my baby clothes, including many vintage Bonpoint and some other beautiful pieces. She and I have the same philosophy of quality over quantity; that in mind, I hope to dress our little girl only in the softest, coziest, but most beautiful pieces. It’s probably easy to say this now before she is born but somehow my mom always dressed us up no matter where we were going, even if it was just to play at home; I hope to do the same.

One Hope?

I am relieved my daughter will not have to live a day under the current administration. I have high hopes for our future, but we have many challenges to overcome in her lifetime. Not just in this country but the world has a lot of work to do and improvements to make from climate change to racism and gender equality.

My husband and I loved growing up in NYC for its diversity and cultural exposure, and we want to raise our children here for the same reason. Everyone in this city is different and celebrated for it. You grow up with a “savoir faire” unlike any other place in the world.

Any advice?

It’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to be disappointed. In the end, we have to have faith that everything will work out. Life throws you curveballs. None of us have any idea what the future holds, which is petrifying. But I know the best is yet to come.