Can I Have Sex With My Baby in the Room? And will I scar them for life?

By Babe | Illustration by Ana Hard

Whether you’re room sharing with your babe when they’re three months old or three years old, there will come a time when you ask the age-old question: can I have sex with my child in the room?

The straightforward answer is yes! Though, it does depend on a few things. (Namely, how light of a sleeper is your child, and how loud are you in the sack?!)

While we fully endorse the idea of getting a little freaky deaky with your infant within arms reach, it will depend a lot on your own comfort level, how you’ve adjusted your sleeping arrangements, and, like we said, how soundly your babe sleeps and how loud you and your partner can get. So is it fine to have sex with your child in the room?

Yes. Is it OK if you’re not comfortable with the idea? Also yes.

According to, if the idea bothers you, try to be quiet and quick with it. Maybe put the Kama Sutra book down and forego the marathon reverse cowgirl move you were working on before you got pregnant.

Or, change up your location. Experiment with having sex in other places throughout your home (kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc.). Keep in mind that if you’re hesitant to have sex in front of your baby, you might have a hard time getting turned on.

You’ll be less likely to become aroused, lubricated, and DTF in general. Remember to be upfront with your partner about your hesitation. Remember that the better your communication is, the better your sex life will be.

But, let’s say you did decide to go for it, and your baby wakes up. Did you just scar them for life? Is your mind brimming with visions of your adult child in therapy discussing their intimacy issues?

Chill. First of all, newborns babies are not making memories. Researchers have found that young infants don’t start making lasting memories of events until they are well over a year old. While their first year of life is super crucial, your child won’t remember the specifics of it later in life.

Just remember, having sex with your partner in the room while your baby sleeps is totally normal. It’s healthy intimacy that will make you more relaxed and a better parent. But if you’re not comfortable, by all means don’t do it.

Try and figure out a new hookup spot, or move that baby out as soon as they start sleeping through the night. We hear the living room is great this time of year.

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