Chamber Of Mothers Is Fired Up Get to know this game-changing organization.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of @brittanyelisephotography

We’re so excited to introduce you to Chamber of Mothers, a collective movement that focuses our country’s priorities (or lack thereof) on mothers’ rights. Formed by some of the most influential voices in the motherhood space (did we mention HATCH is a founding member?), COM’s advocacy initiatives include improving access to paid leave, affordable quality childcare, maternal mental health resources and more.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Day on May 4, COM is presenting “Fed Up & Fired Up: How To Feel Better and Fuel Change in Motherhood,” a digital summit where you’ll learn how to prioritize your mental health in motherhood, get the support, help, and benefits you deserve at work, completely flip the script on home life and caregiving and so much more. (Register at the link above and you can still get a full recording if you can’t make the summit).

In celebrating COM’s Fed Up & Fired Up event, we asked the founding COM women what’s getting them fired up these days. Peep their answers below.

Alexis Barad-Cutler

Writer and Founder of Not Safe For Mom Group (nsfmg)

“I am fired up about encouraging women and mothers to show up fully as themselves, without fear of stigma. The more we invite uncomfortable and challenging conversations, the more we can shift the cultural narrative about what motherhood means and looks like; and the more we will allow ourselves to be shamelessly imperfect.”

Raena Boston

Founder of The Working Momtras

“I’m still fired up about paid leave! I just came off of an almost 6-month maternity leave, and I wish every mother had access to this time—and for longer. It has made all the difference in the world.”

Lauren Smith Brody

Author and founder of The Fifth Trimester

“I am fired up about big kids right now! For years, I felt like a bit of an interloper helping moms of newborns as my own boys (10 and 13) got older and older. Now, I realize, these big kids give us all hope! And this little micro generation of tweens and teens understands justice and equity to their core. They have faced so much uncertainty and instability, and they continually respond with hope and action. It’s beyond inspiring to learn from them. They celebrate their differences. They use their voices for good. After one mass shooting, my son, who was then 9, sat down to try to code a better system to assess gun licenses. I share this not as a mom brag (although, of course, I brag about him) but because it’s so fulfilling and motivating to know that our kids do truly learn from us…and that sooner rather than later, we learn from them, too.”

Daphne Delvaux

Law firm owner, women’s rights lawyer, and creator of The Mamattorney

“I’m fired up about encouraging women to demand more and enforce their rights. Creating new legislation protecting mothers from discrimination on the basis of family responsibilities. Advocating for accommodation rights for childcare needs or to care for sick children. Promoting existing rights women can use creatively to get the support they need.”

Erin Spahn Erenberg

Attorney and founder of Totum

“I am fired up about women and mothers hiding the truth of their feelings, experiences and humanity in order to be more convenient, acceptable, or attractive. It’s my belief that when we break free of the idea that our purpose is to please and accommodate others, we will begin to show up more honestly, help one another more fully, and live out the change we desire to see in our culture.”

Dr. Pooja Lakshmin

Physician psychiatrist specializing in women’s mental health, and founder/CEO of Gemma

“I’m currently in my third trimester, so I’m physically and metaphorically fired up about all the ways women are expected to shoulder the burdens of parenthood in our country! After going through an IVF journey to get here, I was understandably nervous about the pregnancy for a long time. Now that Baby is almost here, my anxiety has switched to childcare and how to balance the many competing demands of being a mother, entrepreneur, physician and thought leader. As a physician specializing in this field, I’ve helped many patients through these struggles for years. I am fortunate to not only have a wonderful therapist, but also a stellar support system. Even with all of that, it’s hard! For anyone else who is on this powerful precipice, I’m right there with you.”

Kelsey Haywood Lucas

Journalist, author, content strategist, and founder of Motherspeak

“I’m fired up, once again, about our country’s failure to adequately support mothers and birthing parents through the physical challenges and transformation of giving birth. I’m currently in the third trimester of my second pregnancy and have been experiencing a flare-up of the pelvic floor issues that originated in my first pregnancy. Just to be able to keep my body operating at baseline—meaning being able to stand, sit, walk, and care for my daughter—my care regimen includes pelvic floor therapy, chiropractic work and acupuncture in addition to regular obstetric care and specialists. But what about the mothers who can’t access pelvic floor therapy or pay for it out-of-pocket? (It is not covered by many insurance companies.) What about the mothers who are given an “all-clear” by their OB at the standard 6-week post-birth check-up, with no further information or support for the physical challenges that can linger for so long? In France, any person who has delivered a baby gets a prescription for 10 free pelvic floor physical therapy sessions—and this type of support can be life-changing, whether it’s because it prevents her from peeing when she sneezes, or makes sex enjoyable again, or provides essential support to all her organs. All mothers in the U.S. deserve this level of comprehensive care after birth.”

Cassie Shortsleeve

Journalist, perinatal health coach, and founder of Dear Sunday Motherhood

“I’m fired up about finally starting to feel better physically after the birth of my second daughter 14 months ago. When we talk about postpartum recovery, it’s often in days or weeks. But sometimes, healing takes longer. I think we, as a society, need to do a better job of holding space for the vast array of experiences that mothers have postpartum — and recognize that postpartum is often a far longer timeframe than a few months after birth.”

Cait Zogby

Cofounder & Chief Community Officer at MotherNation

“I’m fired up about trans rights. Nearly 240 bills that would restrict the rights of LGBTQ Americans have been filed in 2022 — most of them targeting trans people. To deny medical care (life), appropriate access to government and social entities like identification and public restrooms (liberty), and the ability to be personally fulfilled in athletics (the pursuit of happiness) is unconscionable and unconstitutional. That conservative lawmakers and lobbying organizations are willing to strip people of the unalienable rights they themselves hold dear to rally their base, garner votes and acquire power is reprehensible. Everyone’s humanity is worthy of reverence.”