pregnant woman wearing yellow dress on a beachpregnant woman wearing yellow dress on a beach

Picking a Dress for Your Baby Shower? Here's what to Consider

By Babe

If we’re talking about baby shower looks, you must be getting close. Congrats! And remember, the baby shower is a party for you: It’s for the amazing job you’ve done so far during the pregnancy (including being constantly tired and having to pee all the time). And, bonus points, you’ll get a bunch of cute gifts for the baby. 

With all that’s going on, picking out a dress for the baby shower isn’t always the most fun decision. And while it may not be quite as cute as your prom dress or as elegant as a wedding dress, the perfect dress for your baby shower is out there. 

Your Choice Matters the Most

You’re the woman of the hour, that means you can wear whatever you want, right? And you should, you know, considering that you’ve been growing a baby inside of you all this time. Plus, it’s friends and family that are gathering around to celebrate you and the new life inside of you. 

At the same time, it’s also not that big of a deal considering other decisions you’re making surrounding the baby. Like, what should their name be, are you going to breastfeed or not, who do you want with you when you’re giving birth — these may be more consequential. 

So it’s a pressure-free, nothing-but-fun outfit decision you get to make. Don’t worry about trends or social media or any of the things that try to influence our outfit decisions; it’s all about you, Mama.

Nobody at the baby shower is going to take back their gift basket of tiny onesies and natural bath products because of what you chose to wear to your own baby shower. 

What Factors To Consider?

If you can’t go wrong, what should you consider for your dress of choice? 

Location / Vibe / Weather

The location, weather, and vibe of the gathering are bundled together because they make up the setting you (and your guests) will be dressing for. 

You want to consider where the shower is happening. Is it in a living room or an exclusive botanical garden tea room? The location is tied directly to the vibe of the event, whether it’s formal or relaxed. 

Weather, of course, is a factor to consider as well. If it’s cold out, you might go with a knitted dress with a complementary jacket. In summer you might do something totally different. 


Because it’s a baby shower and you’re the mom, you can prioritize your own comfort over any of these other factors. As long as you’re feeling good, the shower is a success. 

Delightful Dresses for Your Baby Shower

Sweet and Simple

These dresses are in a laid-back style that looks good on everyone. They are simple in design and perfect in execution. They are the staple look for your pregnancy with the comfort and versatility you need as a pregnant mom. 

The Carolina Dress

The Carolina Dress is a no-brainer in the smartest way. The lightweight material drapes and flows just so. It’s a breezy, minimalistic design that’s ready for every occasion, spring through summer. 

A tie at the waist can be worn either in front or back, and you can style it with any accessories you have on deck. You’ll have to show your baby pics of this dress when they make their big entrance; it’s pure outfit inspiration. 

The James Dress

Our next choice is a fabulous A-line, midi-length dress with short sleeves, crew neckline, and luxe fabric. The James Dress is flattering on every figure and bumps of all sizes. It comes in three color options. 

Sage Floral? Black? Faded Coral Floral? It’s so hard to choose. You might want to reach out to your reliable group chat for opinions on this one, mama.

Consider the balance of comfort, function, and fashion to strike during the transitional phase between the fourth trimester and early motherhood. We think it’s best to stick to high-quality fabrics with classic and modern silhouettes.

Fabulous and Frilly

These options will bring sophistication and class to your baby shower. These dresses are classy and elegant. They’re a must-have if you’re going to be pregnant during the holiday season, if you happen to run for president while you’re pregnant, or if you just want to rock a fancy dress for the baby shower. 

The Charlotte Dress

One shoulder, ruffle pleats, lettuce-edge? Yes, please — all of the above. A little bit of sheen to set it off– dang, mom, you look good. 

You can wear the Charlotte Dress to the baby shower, for rooftop mocktails, or out on a fancy date. 

The Fete Gown

An elegant black gown that you can wear multiple ways. It has a gathering at the neckline that you can wear done up or in an open V. The Fete Gown is an excellent choice if your dream baby shower is an elegant affair. High tea baby shower, anyone?

The Tisha Dress

Are you heading to one of the Bridgerton family’s classic balls or your baby shower? Either way, the Tisha Dress is here to bring you Regency-era aesthetics with modern sensibilities. This dress takes the midi length to the max.

Choose between three colors (Blue Sky, Ivory, and Black) and relish in the scoop neck, puffy sleeves, and enchanting hemline that says, “I’m sassy, and I’m sweet.”

Perhaps best of all is that this dress has an elastic back. So no matter what trimester your baby shower is (or if you rock it well into your fourth trimester), this dress is a perfect fit.  

Fresh and Floral

Fresh and floral is a classic way to dress for your baby shower. The positive, life-giving flower pattern attributes to the new life you and your baby have already begun together. It’s especially perfect during the springtime, but honestly, is there ever a bad time for a floral dress?

The Cossette Dress

This one is absolutely gorgeous. It may be the maternity dress of all maternity dresses. It’s comfortable, beautiful, and gives you extra support with a fully smocked bodice. The bodice offers tons of style, and the elastic smocking continues to the neckline as well, allowing you the choice to wear it on or off-shoulder. 

A lightweight material and flowy design, The Cossette Dress might make you feel like you could float away (we mean, look at the flutter sleeves). 

The Aria Dress

Another cute floral dress that will be a comfortable and accommodating friend during your pregnancy will come through for you time and time again. The Aria Dress includes adjustable self-ties built into a tiered skirt design. This means that you can adjust it as needed as your body changes throughout your pregnancy. 

Besides being a dress that actually grows with you for nine months, it’s constructed from a super soft cotton with ¾ length blouson sleeves. 

Fitted and Knitted

These knitted options are ideal for baby showers happening in winter or spring. Style either one with a jacket or cardigan, and it’s a stunning winter dress, and then rock it with sandals once the weather warms up a bit. 

The Evelyn Knit Dress

A knitted maternity dress from soft cotton that moves and grows with you. It has a flattering scoop neckline with pointelle detailing throughout. Choose from ivory and lilac; either one will compliment your pregnancy glow at the shower. 

The Karinna Sweater Dress

The Karinna Sweater Dress is a midi-length, bodycon dress that comes in either pink or blue. This means that it’s the perfect dress for someone who feels like showing off that baby bump at the baby shower and knows the sex of their baby. 

The Perfect Baby Shower Dress

Your baby shower dress is going to look amazing because it’s you who is wearing it, and it happens to be on a special occasion. You’ll be smothered with love and gifts from people who care about you, want to show their support, and get to see your child grow up as you raise them into a wonderful human being.

At the end of the day, what you wear to the baby shower isn’t going to impact your child’s life a whole lot. However, it might be one of the last social events you enjoy during your pregnancy, so you might as well pick out something you like and live it up with some sparkling cider.