Elevate your Kids’ Palates And have fun doing it.

By Babe | Photo by Eat2Explore

While it’s every parent’s dream to raise adventurous eaters, the reality is that by childhood, many children have been socialized into refusing foods “with green on it” or any cuisine might look slightly different than what they’re used to. So if making yet another dinner of fish sticks has you screaming into the parental void, try eat2explore, a family culinary activity box and educational tool that encourages children to discover new cultures and cuisines as they cook. Each kit is themed by country and comes with three recipes and non-perishable items, plus games, educational activities and more.

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There are over 20 international destinations to choose from (think Singapore, Japan, India, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Italy and France) that allow children to “travel” the world without leaving their kitchen.
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So even if we can’t actually visit these destinations these days, we can eat like we are.