Everything You Need For the fourth trimester and beyond

Pregnancy dressing, for all it’s challenges can sometimes be easier (not to mention cuter) than post-pregnancy style. With tons of stylish maternity options for the ever-trending bump (arguably one of the hottest accessories in town), the post-birth sartorial situation can leave something to be desired.

From healing to breastfeeding and navigating your changing body, coming up with stellar outfits on the reg is often low on the list of priorities. However, having been there ourselves, we know that getting dressed in a way that makes you feel great, has the potential to change everything.

Here’s where we come in. Our go-to fourth trimester must-haves from essential pumping bra to seamless thong… because yes, at some point, you will want to wear pants again, trust.

Gettin’ Your Groove On

Like a blur, those early days are spent “finding a rhythm,” aka surviving. Consider airy, relaxed pieces that reflect your style, yet are easy to throw on, allow for recovery, receiving a visitor (or two), and holding baby, of course.

Feedin’ Baby

Figuring out adorable tops and dresses that allow for quick access to breastfeed or pump is no easy feat, until now. Herein nursing bras, tops, leak pads, and the nipple salve (you need!) that doubles as a lip balm… ladies, I think that’s called thriving!

Out ‘N’ About

When you’re finally ready to hit the town (and by “town” we mean a walk around the block or a trip to the grocery store), reach for a cute but comfy dress or jumpsuit that’s both outside-chic and indoor-appros.