Executive Editor Of goop, Kate Wolfson On Feeling Catatonic, Keeping It Cute, And Cringe-Worthy American Cheese

Self-proclaimed “word witch,” and magic-maker mama, Kate is bright as can be, pregnant with her second, and prides herself on being part of a female-led team! Here, she shares life as a working mom, cringe-worthy cravings, and her pregnancy style (hello, legs!). @katie-goldsmithe_wolfson

Path to pregnancy?

I am fortunate. With my son, we consciously tried to get pregnant for four months, to no avail! I did all the things from pee on sticks to use every recommended app! Out of frustration, we took a month off from trying, and of course, got pregnant. This pregnancy, however, wasn’t planned… we were seriously unsure whether we wanted to grow our family and the universe stepped in and made the decision for us. I’m very grateful it did.

Biggest misnomer of pregnancy?

Before getting pregnant, I remember not being able to wrap my head around how pregnant women do “everyday” things like go to work, drive a car, or sit at a desk. Now that I’ve done it, I know that you do all of the things just fine—if not better—you’re just hungry, nauseous or borderline catatonic while doing it.

How is this pregnancy same or different from the last?

The first trimester kicked my ass extra hard this time around. I was so miserable. With my first pregnancy, I remember being so ravenous that I ate anything and everything, regardless of nutritional value. This time around, I am being more conscious about what I’m eating, not so much in quantity, but definitely in quality.

And I have to be extra careful to make sure my toddler doesn’t accidentally kick me in the tummy when he jumps on me for a hug—we’ve yet to figure out the right approach.

Feeling physically?

I have zero energy. None. I barely get through the workday, come home, and crash for an hour while Sonny is with his dad. Then I’m able to put my mom hat on and do all the things that I need to do at home.

Working out?

Unfortunately, no. At my last appointment, my doctor gave me a very stern talking-to about not being active enough. So, I’m working on it. I try to walk to pick up lunch and get up from my desk throughout the day to stretch my legs. It’s barely enough, but at least it’s something, right?

Craziest craving?

American cheese. Orange, gooey, sodium-y American cheese. Give me a deli bacon-egg-and-cheese, and I’m yours.

Birth plan?

You know, I don’t have one. Sonny’s birth was quite traumatic (and I didn’t have a birth plan with him either). I ended with having an emergency C-section. Therefore, I’m opting to have a planned Cesarean this time around. All I want is for this little girl to come into this world healthy, and after discussing it with my doctor, the surgery seems like the way to go. Knowing what to expect the second time around is both comforting and kind of terrifying, in that I know what’s coming.

What do you believe will be the most challenging part about having two?

I’m still having a hard time with this one. I really treasure getting to focus 100% percent of my love and attention on Sonny. I worry about him feeling neglected in any way while we’re bonding with his new sister. Then there are all the logistics of getting through the day while keeping both a baby and a kid feeling happy, taken care of, and like they are our number 1. Not to mention maintaining a romantic relationship…plus, the non-romantic ones, too!

What do you believe will be the best part about having two?

I’m an only child, so siblings are uncharted territory for me on several levels. I want nothing more than for them to be pals. If we can successfully support them in becoming each other’s champions, I’ll feel pretty damn accomplished.