Fashion Designer & Founder Of Misha Nonoo, On planning for her first.

Fashion designer & founder of the namesake brand, Misha Nonoo, has had a whirlwind year. From getting married to a baby on the way, this charming go-getter and soon-to-be mama let us in on her plans for a maternity-leave-slash-non-maternity-leave as an entrepreneur, the gratitude she feels about her exciting year plus the ah-ha moment that led to our latest HATCH x Misha Nonoo collaboration. @mishanonoo

Wow, what an epic year this has been for you, from your wedding to now becoming a new mom… how do you feel?

Honestly, I’m just grateful. This year has been incredible, and I feel overwhelmingly fortunate. 

Boy or girl?

We’re having a little boy, and while I’m excited about that, I’m mostly interested in having a healthy baby. 

Most looking forward to…?

Meeting him!

Most nervous about…?

All of the unknowns of labor. I have a tiny idea of how I would like the birth to go, a general plan if you will, but ultimately, it’s going to go how it’s going to go, and I can’t control any of it.  

Any crazy cravings?

Overall, I’ve been quite conscientious and healthy. For the most part, anything that I already loved, I want more of, like cheese — which has become a significant feature of my diet! Interestingly, I only used to eat white meat like chicken and fish although, throughout pregnancy, I have craved red meat — probably for the iron.  

Any hacks or wellness secrets you can share for feeling better or being able to continue working during pregnancy?

I caved and bought a pregnancy pillow, which has been extraordinarily helpful for sleeping at night. Also, I have maintained my fitness regime — Tracy Anderson, three days a week! I can’t do classes at this point, but I do the custom program they made for me. Overall this helps me feel less achy and better able to sleep at night. Plus, I try to walk or take the subway as much as possible to get in extra steps throughout my day. 

What are you listening to (fave podcast) or reading these days?

I just read a fascinating book called French Children Don’t Throw Food. It analyzes the differences between how the French raise their kids versus the Americans or British. It was a great read. Plus, I like this book about sleep training called 12 Hours Sleep By 12 Weeks Old. This book made me realize how important sleep is to my baby’s development. Hopefully, knowing this will help me resist the urge to pick him up when he’s fussing, because ultimately, he needs to learn to work it out on his own. Also, I was given The Wonder Weeks, which I haven’t started yet, but will read next. The topic covers week by week of the baby’s development and growth. 

As an entrepreneur (plus a mom-to-be) with so much depending on you (for both roles), what’s your plan for maternity leave?

I believe, when you own your business, it’s less about taking formal maternity leave, and more about finding a rhythm and schedule that works all around. I think having a routine will never be more important than when I have a young baby. I plan to check-in regularly with the team and work the majority of the time from home. For this reason, I must get him sleeping through the night, so I can be well-rested to spend quality time both with him and my team.

How do you take time for yourself to reflect as a busy woman, business owner, and nearly new-mom?

I’m certainly doing less than what people tell you to do! I’m not going for massages, and such, although a bath is a regular feature in my day when it wasn’t before. It’s pretty much business as usual — I have no interest in slowing down right now or relaxing.  

If you had 5 extra minutes a day, how would you spend them?

I’d spend them with my dog Thatcher—that’s always been the way. She’s my constant companion. She comes to the office with me, goes to lunch with me, and if I’m home, she’s home too — we’re always together.

Tell us about Misha Nonoo, what was your inspiration for launching the brand — was there an incident or an eye-opening moment that made you want to start Misha Nonoo? Ah-ha moment?

I saw a gap in the market for everyday pieces that fit together in lockstep to create a perfectly curated wardrobe. Before I launched Misha Nonoo, I had a traditional fashion brand. That said, seeing how retail has changed, and the industry has shifted, I took a very considered approach to developing this line. I knew that if we’re going to be here, we had to be thoughtful and practical about what we’re putting out into the world..

What’s next for the brand?

Our new store is open in Soho, (come visit us!). Plus, we created a capsule offering of pieces together with HATCH, meant to be worn while you’re pregnant and nursing. Before pregnancy, I didn’t think about how important it is to have tops that are easy to open (one-handed, preferably) to access your breast. Girlfriends of mine (new moms) gush that our bestselling Husband Shirt is the perfect breastfeeding top since it doesn’t have buttons (it has studs) to close. With this in mind, I knew we needed to partner with you to create the perfect piece for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond — essentially the maternity version of The Husband Shirt! Plus, it’s tailored silhouette allows new moms to look chic at a time when they need fail-safe pieces to show up as their absolute best. 

Your pregnancy style in one word?

Tailored. Always. I’ve invested in a few pieces that I’ll be able to wear post-pregnancy. My focus has  been on accumulating styles that I can wear now, but also plan to wear after baby — I can have them taken in, or wear them slightly oversized. I’ve been trying to take a sustainable approach to pregnancy dressing and avoid buying a ton of disposable pieces. 

Three top tips for getting out the door looking cute pregnant?

Throughout pregnancy, I’ve found looking pulled together has never been more critical to feeling like myself. Therefore, if I’m going out to dinner, I will get my hair done or make sure that my manicure is fresh. Or if I’m somewhere warm and able to wear open-toe shoes, I will go for a pedicure. Typically, my pre-pregnant self would never get blow-outs this frequently, but since I’ve been pregnant, I get my hair done all the time. If I can’t fit into my jeans, at least my hair looks fabulous! 

My advice? Enhance the positives of pregnancy! A total bonus of being pregnant is that your hair grows fast, and your skin looks fantastic, so play it up and make the most of the things that are working in your favor. As often as you can, schedule a facial to ensure your skin is glowing or have Glamsquad do your makeup or a blowout before you go out. Anything that allows you to feel like the very best version of yourself. 

My go-to pregnancy look?

I’ve been living in our Ivy Pants worn with our Husband Shirt or my HATCH sweaters. 

A takeaway…

In terms of pregnancy, it’s been blissful and hasn’t held me back in any way. If anything, pregnancy has made me highly efficient, extremely energized, and very grateful all around. It’s such a blessing to enter this new chapter and become a parent.