Fertility Stories As Told By Five Women In honor Of National Infertility Awareness Week.

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, we’re looking back at the powerful stories from a handful of our incredible mamas.

Reflecting on the topics that affect fertility, at every stage, everywhere, from decade-long IVF treatments to eastern healers, clean living, twins and donor eggs, plus the power of support, we celebrate the many paths to motherhood.

Kate Schelter 

Bump into Kate Schelter, and it’s easy to assume she’s been living that dream NYC life in every way. For the most part, that’s true. With a glittering career as an artist, author, creative director, and stylist, not to mention she’s a tall drink of water, happily married with a six-year-old daughter, and has one on the way. However, that’s where the story shifts, conceiving her second, was an incredible effort amplified by enormous loss, heartache, grief, and self-doubt, things perhaps unnoticed at first. At 28-weeks pregnant, Kate shared her long road through IVF, the solidarity and support she felt from her community, how she emotionally made it to the other side, and why her life and perspective will forever be altered. @kateschelter

Many people feel the birth of a child is the most life-changing moment, but for me, one of the hardest, soul-wrenching things I’ve ever gone through is the process of IVF and trying to get pregnant.

Christene Barberich

Inspiration, entrepreneur, and new mama Christene Barberich, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Of Refinery29, took time moments before she gave birth to her daughter to chat with us on her decade-long journey to motherhood. Herein she shares how miscarriages and pregnancy taught her to never stop believing, plus the power of love and support, and why it’s important not to sweat the small stuff. @christenebarberich

My husband and I spent the better part of a decade trying to have a child. So, remember, all of us out here who’ve been through it or are going through it, we’re rooting for you.

Camille Guaty

New mama and actress, Camille (from Prison Break, and Good Doctor), tells her years-long struggle with infertility and the many roads to becoming a mom. Here, from IVF to THE donor egg, plus pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the power of support, Camille shares the tale of conceiving her son and founding Foster A Dream. @camilleguaty @thefosteradream

I never considered that my biological clock was ticking or that infertility would be my story until it happened.

Lauren Berlingeri

With twins on the way, the multi-hyphenated co-founder of fave infrared sauna therapy, HigherDOSE, is ironically chill considering she’s in the business of heat and about to become the mom of two! From her new Williamsburg location, (promising all things wellness) to her fave coffee shop, Lauren talks about the power of acupuncture, tissue salts, and her belly belt —  basically the only way she can walk these days. Plus, the shock of learning she’s having twins while overcoming the guilt of wanting a baby and a business.

I spent an entire year simply saying out loud that I wanted to have a baby.

Allison Evans

On a recent trip to NYC, I was fortunate enough to catch a moment with the bright and vibrant co-founder of Branch Basics, a non-toxic all-purpose cleaning line. We spent the afternoon chatting about how her wellness journey literally changed her life, why she swears by liver smoothies (pregnant or not), and the importance of creating a healthy home. @branchbasics

I had thousands of cysts all over my ovaries and was told it was unlikely I’d ever get pregnant naturally.