First Trimester Maternity ClothingFirst Trimester Maternity Clothing

Everything You Need in the First Trimester because we've been there mama.

By Babe

It is one of the craziest moments you will ever experience — a digital pregnancy stick lights up, or maybe you just get those classic pink lines.

Perhaps it is a surprise, and your doctor spills the beans at a scheduled appointment. Or maybe you’ve been trying for months, and you finally, finally get the confirmation you’ve been hoping for. Or maybe this was totally unplanned, and you’re still processing it. However it all went down, you’re pregnant.

Now, the questions. You may be wondering where to go first. Should you plan out outfits for every day of their first month? What about your diet? Is it healthy enough? And where can you find those prenatal vitamins everyone recommended? 

All of these questions are totally normal and understandable. Your body is about to change, and so is the rest of your life. 

Until then (and we promise you, it will calm down), let’s focus on what we’ve got control over: the essentials!

Here at Hatch, we’re all about being prepared. Whether it’s packing the right amount of snacks for a day on the playground or having a diaper change routine nailed down, knowing what to do and how to do it will make your life significantly easier. 

Right now, let’s focus on your needs to set this whole motherhood thing up for some serious success.

Baby Basics

Before we jump into the fun stuff, let’s clarify a few things. Not all expecting people are well-versed in the lingo that gets thrown around on mama blogs or by your practitioners, so here is our little rundown of the most important stuff.

First Trimester: Key Terms

The first trimester is defined by the period of pregnancy where your baby is conceived until you are 12 weeks along. This means that technically you have begun your first trimester immediately, and often before you even know you are carrying a child. 

Now don’t panic. That certainly doesn’t mean you’re behind on anything. Most women don’t find out that they are pregnant for at least the first two to three weeks after conception, though some women find out even later.

This timeline can apply to everyone, even those who meticulously track their periods or are actively trying. In fact, it is sort of impossible to produce enough of the pregnancy-proving hormones you need to be positive on a standard test at any point before 14 days along. 

In total, a healthy pregnancy lasts roughly 40 weeks. This is just the beginning, and while it might not seem as exciting as your third trimester, we love it all the same.

The first is a period of time that gives you the chance to set the foundation for a smooth journey. The work you put in now to better your body and mind for the baby will pay off in the long run and may even help you during your postpartum period.

Your Change Explained

You may be wondering what’s going on inside. You can see your own physical changes and feel them too, but the rest may be a mystery.

Your baby begins development faster than you can post a pic of that ultrasound onto Instagram. Within the first weeks of pregnancy, a fetus has begun to develop arms and legs. The fetus has also grown a spinal cord and is beginning to develop a brain. Yes, mama, this is the brain that in 15 years will tell you how lame you are. Ah, teenagers. 

A heartbeat can be heard during your first trimester. This is one of the most exciting moments of your entire pregnancy and definitely one to look forward to. At the end of your first trimester, your baby will be roughly one ounce and three inches long. Small but mighty. 

Your Needs

With all of these changes going on inside of you, it can be hard to keep up. Prepping your body to grow throughout the next nine months will help keep you centered and focused. So what do you add to your shopping cart?
Here are the essentials for every first-trimester mama.

Along with the belly, your breasts will probably also grow as your hormones amp up prepping for the baby reveal. Get ready to snap that week 14 belly bump update pic for your followers, mama! 

1. Vitamins

Your doctor is about to be on your “favorites” list for the next nine months (or longer). Work with your doc to establish a vitamin schedule fit specifically for your needs. In general, most pregnant women are advised to take folic acid, iron, and calcium. Your baby will need more of these vitamins to grow and develop than you naturally acquire through food. 

It’s best to take prenatal vitamins if you’re trying to get pregnant for a while before you actually get a positive test. However, life is unpredictable. Just try your best to jump in on this routine ASAP once you find out.

2. Switch Up Meals

Fruits, vegetables, and grains are a part of a well-balanced, pregnancy-friendly diet. Try to include all of the colors of the rainbow on your plate. Do not consume raw fish or meat, and especially avoid unpasteurized dairy products. These best-to-avoid-for-the-moment foods can be harmful to your baby and hurt your stomach (which you definitely don’t need more of, thank you very much).  

Speaking of belly troubles, invest in some digestion aids to reduce morning sickness difficulties. Most women get morning sickness the most frequently during their first trimester, but not all hope is lost. Try sucking on a lollipop or drinking some ginger tea to ease your stomach. Also, staying hydrated is good for your health. Plus, it can help constipation subside and settle any additional belly pain.

3. Move and Groove

Yes, we mean this literally more than figuratively. Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean your pre-brunch yoga schedule has to. Apart from avoiding alcohol and certain foods, you can enjoy most of your usual activities while carrying a child. 

In fact, did you know that exercise is actually recommended during pregnancy? Modify your regular workout routine to avoid any contact sports or situations that may cause injury to your baby (horseback riding, hot yoga, etc.), but you’re good to go. 

If you truly want to “make it work” while you work out, you might want to grab some maternity-specific exercise apparel, like the Ultra Soft Before, During and After Maternity Legging. Not only are these leggings made from 92% modal and 8% spandex for ultra-stretch (and ultra-style), they mold to your belly perfectly. 

And — they’re machine washable. What more could you ask for? (Besides gelato and Netflix.)

Think of the Future

You may not see much of a difference in the size of your belly in your first three months of pregnancy, and that is totally normal. If/when you need to bump it up, we have just the stuff.

4. Bump

Our Hatch Layers Set is the perfect solution. With a white long sleeve, a white tank top, a black legging, and a black t-shirt dress, you’ll have all of the basics at your fingertips for a stretchable, relaxing outfit no matter what the occasion.

Whether you’re lounging around after a big day of baby shopping or driving to an ultrasound appointment, this set has got you covered from the day you get that positive test right up until your due date.

5. The Perfect Pregnant Shirt

It is common to spend so much time focusing on the expansion of your belly that you forget how much your breasts will change, too. They will likely grow bigger and may begin to set themselves up for milk production. This can feel like a dramatic change, and you may be lost on how to fit into old bras and make outfits work. 

Enter: the Perfect Vee. This jersey-style, v-neck t-shirt is essential for any new or expecting mama. It has tons of give for a growing belly but gives off that trendy oversized look that is so hot right now.

It also allows easy access for nursing when the time comes because the neckline drops low enough for your baby to grab a snack and go. Talk about convenience.

First Place Mama

Now that you’re in it for the long haul, the first trimester is the best time to really enjoy the journey you’re about to embark on. Indulge in baby name books, play fun games with your friends to predict the gender, and discuss dreams about the future. 

Now is the time to savor, celebrate, and perfect that first-trimester wardrobe.