Pregnant woman sitting cross legged wearing a pink sweatshirtPregnant woman sitting cross legged wearing a pink sweatshirt

FP Movement x HATCH Unveil Second Collection New capsule alert!

By Ruthie Friedlander

Gather ’round, for we have news that will make even your most stubborn pregnancy cravings seem mundane. Imagine a world where your burgeoning belly and those curves don’t mean a trade-off between style and comfort. Dream no more, for the sartorial stork has delivered once again with the second FP Movement x HATCH Collection!

You. Are. Welcome.

Pregnant woman wearing FP Movement X HATCH- Hot Shot Onesie

This isn’t just any collection. It’s a fusion of FP Movement’s trend-setting activewear with HATCH’s chic, motherhood-embracing maternity wear, designed not only for those precious nine months but beyond. Yes, you heard right. Thirteen styles of pure, unadulterated, pregnancy-friendly fabulousness have landed, ready to cater to every whim of your active (or not-so-active; we don’t judge) lifestyle.

Ariane Goldman, our visionary behind HATCH and Babe, has joined forces with the Free People team and waved their fashion wands for the second time, bringing forth a capsule collection that might just have you wishing for a longer pregnancy.

Pregnant Woman with dog wearing FP Movement X HATCH- Righteous Runsie

“This launch was designed to support moms however they move, whether that’s a full-blown workout, mat day, or rest day. Because when you’re pregnant, everything changes, and it’s more important than ever to find ways to feel good in our bodies,” Ariane says. From yoga mats to brunch dates, they’ve got you covered with leggings that embrace, sports bras that support, and sweatshirts that hug every inch of your mom-to-be glow.

The prices? As gentle on your wallet as the collection is on your skin, ranging from $40 to $128. Launching this week, this lineup is a spring/summer tease, with whispers of a fall encore to keep us on our toes.

But what really sets this collaboration apart, besides the obviously Instagram-worthy outfits, is its heart. Both FP Movement and HATCH are not just about dressing you up; they’re about lifting you up. With HATCH’s commitment to supporting moms through more than just clothing—think classes, events, and a community that cheers on every milestone—and FP Movement’s dedication to empowering women in every stage of their life, this collaboration is less of a transaction and more of a hug; a “we’ve got you” to every mother and mother-to-be.

So, whether stretching for two or just lounging with your bump in full view, know this collection was crafted with love, movement, and maternity magic. Get ready to embrace your journey with style because the FP Movement x HATCH Collection Two is not just a wardrobe update; it’s a celebration of motherhood, movement, and the amazing transformation your body is going through.