Get Prenatal Support, Even During COVID-19 Get the help you need from home.

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Pregnancy and postpartum can conjure up ALL the feels. Some of us want some intel leading up to the big day, while many of us need extra support in dealing with this sweeping life change. For new moms, too, the lack of sleep (and independence), coupled with caring for a new human can bring on so many feelings of anxiety and depression. But, if you think COVID-19 has left you high and dry in the support department, think again. There is a wealth of online resources out there, especially now, catering to pregnant and postpartum women. Classes, programs and one-on-one sessions that can help you navigate this uncertain time and answer all of your questions on the journey. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite community-based resources out there in internet land, so that you can get the help you need.

Pre and Postpartum Virtual Resources

Robyn: On August 17, this parenting and prenatal hub will launch a digital series titled ParentBirth in an effort to demystify, destigmatize and democratize the path to parenthood. These modern childbirth classes for expecting parents will feature multiple perspectives and real stories. Robyn also debuted a new provider network that offers the ability to book virtual or in-person sessions directly with a network of 200+ vetted health and wellness partners that specialize in serving the aspiring, expecting and new parent. Think lactation consultants, pelvic floor specialists, fertility coaches, infant sleep trainers, doulas, mental health providers, and more. 

Hello My Tribe: Drawing from Hello My Tribe’s popular in-person classes based in Austin, Tex., this women’s provider is now offering a Virtual New Mom Class + Support Group geared towards women one week to six months postpartum, with community and holistic care at its core. In over 10 weeks, participants can expect weekly emails with a schedule, plus encouragement and resources, movement sessions with trainer Diana Haggerty, four guided meditations as well as yoga and live conversations with experts on self-care, physical therapy, newborn care and baby sleep. The class will be available for purchase in the coming weeks on Hello My Tribe’s community platform, as well as a live group option throughout the year. 

Postpartum Depression
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Many new mothers experience normal baby blues after childbirth (hello…

Boober: Jada Shapiro’s popular online resource platform helps parents find the virtual or in-person expert help they need to stay healthy and confidently transition to parenthood. Fast, convenient and highly reviewed, boober matches patients to expert in-person or virtual lactation consultants, birth and postpartum doulas, mental health therapists, and more. Boober offers easy online booking for in-home (when safe) or virtual care, same day service and provides a roster of expert care providers that have been certified and vetted. Through its extensive network, its tailored support ranges from childbirth education, breastfeeding, managing the return to work and birth support to birth support, mental health and mothering the mother. 

Motherhood Center: If you’re expecting or recently postpartum and suffering from mood and/or anxiety symptoms that are getting in the way of your ability to care for yourself, your baby and function in your job, you may need a higher level of care than outpatient therapy alone can provide. New York’s Motherhood Center is now offering a Virtual Day Program intended for expectant and new moms who are used to holding it all together, who are achievement focused and balancing the demands of work and running their households all under one roof – and are finding themselves currently unable to do so. The day program includes PMAD Support Group for New Moms, Pregnancy Support Group, Sleep Support Group for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms, Working Mom’s Support Group, and NICU Support Group for Couples.

How do I know if I have prenatal depression?

Totum Talks: Totum Women, a progressive online maternal community has announced the launch of Totum Talks, a monthly webinar series that aims to support a woman’s experience in motherhood and parenting. Every Totum Talk will be completely interactive and will endeavor to unpack and explore a woman’s journey through motherhood and the revolution in mind, body, relationships and ambition that happens during this time. The first Totum Talks launched on July 31 with a focus on processing compound stress and trauma in a pandemic. Being in the midst of a global health crisis has created unprecedented levels of stress for many women and families. What happens when a new trauma occurs, further intensifying uncertainty, fear and isolation? How do you cope? This topic is of special significance to Erin whose 7-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the midst of the pandemic.