Hannah Bronfman eats Meals for MamasHannah Bronfman eats Meals for Mamas

Hannah Bronfman Teams Up With Territory Foods To Support Other Super Power Mamas Through Food Super Mamas Deserve Super Meals

Investor, advisor, entrepreneur, author, wellness advocate, mother, and friend of HATCH Hannah Bronfman knows better than most the power of food to help us feel good, both physically & mentally. But finding the time and energy to give yourself nutritious, delicious postpartum meals in those first months can feel like an impossible feat. 

“After having my son, I realized the importance of nutrition more than ever before, while simultaneously coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t taking the time to meet my personal nutritional needs,” Hannah says. “Based on my experience, I wanted to support other mothers going through that pivotal time with meals that taste good and help them feel great.”

This led Hannah to our friends at Territory Foods. Inspired by Territory’s mission and innovative business model, Hannah worked hand-in-hand with CEO Ellis McCue, the brand’s team of dietitians, and Lizzy Swick, a postpartum nutrition specialist, to put together a postpartum meal plan that is healing and broken out into three key nutritional categories:  Microbiome support, thyroid support, and blood sugar support.

Aptly named Meals for Mama, the program allows expecting and new mamas to choose from a variety of dietitian-approved meals that fit their needs with plenty of meals in rotation, all featuring the highest ingredient standards. 

And it doesn’t stop with just the food. During the month of May, proceeds from Meals for Mamas will be donated to Every Mother Counts to improve maternal health outcomes.  Plus, when the meals of your choosing arrive, you’ll also be welcomed with a mini-zine, featuring HB-approved brands and content, from the best postpartum supplements you need to know about, to the newest HATCH must-have’s you need to shop.

“We have loved working with Hannah,” Territory’s CEO, Ellis says. “Her personal experience and passion for health equity for new moms is inspiring, and working directly with Hannah to design meals specifically for pre-and postpartum women has been such a meaningful journey for our team. We are excited to work with leading industry voices, like Hannah’s, to bring to life very thoughtful and personal curations for all stages of health and wellness.”

Both Territory and Hannah believe in the power of food, especially in those first few months postpartum. It is the ultimate form of tangible help a new mom can receive. Being a mom is a superpower and you shouldn’t feel like we need to do it alone. Now, you don’t have to.