HATCH founder Ariane Goldman Talks Silver Linings and a Rad New Collab She's feeling the love.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of HATCH

It’s been a minute since we checked in with HATCH founder, Ariane Goldman. When she’s not creating stylish new collections for pregnant and postpartum women under our namesake label, she’s busy launching entirely new product categories (hellooo 4th Trimester) and incredible collaborations (ie Target and most recently, Keds!). So in celebration of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Ariane to get a sense of where she’s at, how she’s feeling, and why some of the pandemic’s silver linings might be the sweetest.

1. Soooo how is life treating you? Where are you at right now (physically, mentally, emotionally?)

I have to say, I’m beginning to see the light! The flowers are blooming, the vaccines are happening! My kids are going to summer camp! So I really do feel like we’re collectively turning a corner and I’m thrilled about it. It hasn’t been easy to be a working mother in the middle of a pandemic, but I also recognize that I’m very fortunate to have had our health and access to healthcare and a stable source of income. I’ve also had an incredible team who banded together to get sh*t done despite the fact that we’ve all been remote since March. I’m definitely emotionally exhausted, but all in all, I’m feeling the love. 

2. In reflecting on this last year, what are some of the moments that stick out that truly defined your Covid experience, particularly as a mother AND ceo of a business?

I think the fact that we were able to push through some huge initiatives at HATCH – I mean we launched Babe a year ago! We rolled out new product categories! We partnered with Keds on an amazing footwear collection! It just goes to show that moms truly are rockstars. There’s literally nothing we can’t do. Of course there were times this year that the hits just kept coming — the pandemic, social and political unrest, etc etc. – but we banded together and somehow came out stronger.

3. At Babe, we’re talking a lot about the silver linings of Covid-19. That although it has been devastating for so many – and on so many levels – the idea that maybe there are a few precious moments or rituals we want to take into post-Covid life. Do you have any of those?

It’s funny how we’re all restless for life to return to “normal,” yet at the same time a little nostalgic for the pause button that Covid-19 has given us. The truth is, the pandemic really made our family slow down in a major way and spend more quality time together than ever before. It was sweet and it was cozy, and I do want to take some elements of that into the “after times.” I want to be around more. I want to slow down. I want to relish the small moments like watching our garden grow or taking afternoon walks on a Wednesday. I’ve never let myself just stop and enjoy, and while it’s a bummer it took a pandemic to get me there, I’m grateful for it.

4. Talk to us about the biz! What’s the latest? 

HATCH is great. I’m just in awe of the people I have the privilege of working with everyday. The moms, like me, who were holding it down while homeschooling in-between Zoom calls. And the non-moms in our office who were also dealing with their own load of emotional and physical stuff over the last year. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but everyone continued to bring it, and we were able to do amazing work. I’m so so proud of this Keds collaboration. 

5. Keds is so iconic. We used to draw all over our friends’ sneakers! Do you have any fun memories of just running around being an 80’s / 90’s kid in a pair of Keds? 

I have those memories, too! I grew up in the city, so my day was spent on my feet, and Keds was always my go-to pair of sneakers that could match anything in my wardrobe, that kept me comfy, looking cool and just totally me. Which made this collaboration a total geek-out moment for me. More than ever, moms need items in their wardrobe that they can throw on to keep them in balance, keep them moving and grooving throughout the day, and make them feel awesome without having to overthink it. That is Keds!

6. As we approach Mother’s Day, how does it feel this year versus last year? 

I think this Mother’s Day I’m definitely more relaxed as we start to think beyond the pandemic. I’m just grateful and I want to celebrate all women – mothers and non-mothers, alike – as we all deserve a pat on the back after this year. I’m also so excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Babe this Mother’s Day! I’m in awe of the work we’re doing editorially to support women on the pregnancy and postpartum journey. I’m also so proud of our digital events and efforts to create community around this exciting but challenging time for women. 

7. What are your hopes as we start to emerge into the next phase of Covid or post-Covid life? What do you hope for your girls and for you?

I hope we can hang on to the gratitude that comes with seeing family and friends for the first time in over a year, enjoying a fun night out again or a spontaneous hang that we’ve all been pining for all year. I want to remember how special these moments are and not take them for granted ever again. Time with loved ones is a gift, and I’m ready for ALL the hugs. Remote school, however, I could do without!