Hospital Bag Must-Haves What you actually need to pack.

By Colleen Crivello

By now, we more or less have a decent handle on this whole momming thing. Plus, we’ve had our fair share of babies, each time accompanied by a hospital bag. However, there was a time when things weren’t so clear, and we ourselves wondered-slash-googled-slash-asked-our-friends what to pack for the hospital. Therefore, having been done this a time or two (or three or four) before here’s what you actually need for the hospital.

Mom, you'll want these.

Perfect to wear to and fro.
Just trust us on this one.
Hanging at the hospital.
The shower is your best friend during contractions. But wear these.
If you're pillow particular, bring your own.
Same for towels.
Think cute pajamas because hello, visitors.
Nursing bra will be your new bestie.
Hospitals can be chilly. Socks help, especially when they double duty with a little anti-swelling.
Leaking is real. You'll want these.
For your nips post nursing and your lips too!
Self explanatory.
Keep your hair out of the action.
Needs no explanation.
When you're ready to shower.
Meant for cramps but great for contractions too!
Masks. Because this is how we do, these days.

Baby Bag

Everything baby needs.
For the car ride home.
Nursing pillows.

The Co-Pilot

Bring an extra pillow.
List of who to call.
Chargers for all the things!
Playing cards, while you wait.
Getcha playlists ready, must have music
Establish the chill