How can I help my hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are one of those yucky pregnancy side effects that, on the surface, is slightly embarrassing to talk about openly yet they’re soooo common! You get hemorrhoids when the veins around your rectum become varicose, aka swollen and then they get super painful. Sad times. They often make their debut during the third trimester. 

The most common reason for getting hemorrhoids is constipation combined with mounting pressure on the area from your growing babe and bod. The plus side to all this heinousness is the fact that the problem should improve once your baby is born. Of course the best way to avoid hemorrhoids is to not get them in the first place. Preventative measures include eating a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids so to ensure smooth moves. If ‘rrhoids got you down, here are a few ways to seek relief:

  • Take a warm bath with baking soda 
  • Use said baking soda around the area to reduce itching
  • Apply witch hazel to relieve swelling
  • Use medicated pads from your pharmacy
  • Try not to sit for long periods