How much weight should I gain?

We all have that one aunt “who gained 11 pounds!” and that friend who almost doubled her weight. We don’t know what exactly is behind the official recommendations, but we do know that all you need to do is eat a healthy, balanced diet to get your babe the nutrients they need to grow at a healthy  rate.

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You don’t need to eat for two, but you should eat when you want to or need to. Check in with your healthcare provider on what the optimum number is for you, depending on your height, weight, age and any pre-existing medical conditions. Don’t be surprised if you don’t gain an ounce during the first trimester and suddenly cluster gain in the middle.

Don’t be surprised if you lose a little weight at the end of your pregnancy.
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Our bodies are going to do what they’re going to do, so don’t stress it.
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Just stay healthy, mama!