pregnant woman in yellow dress on the beachpregnant woman in yellow dress on the beach

How To Announce Pregnancy: 5 Creative Ideas

By Babe

So you’ve found out the most wonderful and exciting news. Or maybe right now, it’s mostly huge and even a little bit scary news — all of these responses are normal. As you continue processing, there comes a time when you just have to share it with someone. 

How do you do it? Do you shout it from the rooftops? Send a Paperless Post?

You could… or you can read through this quick guide to announcing your news and creative ideas for doing so. 

When Should You Announce Pregnancy?

It’s honestly up to you when you want to announce your pregnancy. Many people choose to wait to tell people until they’ve passed the 14-week mark. 

Others wait until they are four or five months along and know the sex of the baby. 

And some people might choose to share the information with people they’re closest with early on so that they have support while they process the big news. The best time is what’s right for you and your growing family.

Who Should You Tell First?

Most people tell their partner before you tell anyone else. Don’t let it play out like your favorite sitcoms when somehow the whole friend group and a couple of random strangers manage to find out before your partner does. 

Especially if they’re a supportive and loving partner, they deserve to know the exciting news ASAP so that they can be a source of support from the get-go. Plus, your excitement will double once you share the big news!

How To Tell Your Partner That You’re Pregnant

You don’t want to hold it in too long, if that’s even possible, so it might be best to just go ahead and get it over with. You can’t go wrong with the classics, like leaving a positive pregnancy test or your first ultrasound photo somewhere they’re sure to find it. 

There are countless creative ways to share the news with your partner. The main thing about telling your partner is to try and do it soon, and probably do it in person if you can. If not, try a FaceTime or Zoom call. 

Choose a time when there’s not a ton going on, and you can celebrate the news together. A Sunday brunch or a picnic in the park might be the perfect setting. Or, for the more lowkey moms out there, they might put their positive pregnancy test on the kitchen counter. “Wow, what’s that over there?” 

Who Should You Tell Next?

The Grandparents

There are different names for grandparents that come from all around the world. Whether they’re going to be called Grandma, Nana, Pop-Pop, or Opa, the soon-to-be grandparents will probably be the next people on your list of people to tell. 

Grab a box of tissues because here come the happy tears.

Extended Family

Once you tell the parents, it’s time to tell the rest of your family. Grandma and Grandpa aren’t going to be able to keep it quiet for long anyways, so go ahead and tell the rest of your family soon after. Prepare your siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins to meet the newest member of your crew.

Inner Circle

Your inner circle are the people outside of your family that you’re closest to. We’re talking about those few rides-or-dies who have your back no matter what.

You probably talk to some of these people on a fairly regular basis anyway. It might also include a BFF who you don’t talk to as much anymore but always feel comfortable turning to when big news comes up. 

And this is certainly big news. Your inner circle will be able to love and support you, lend an ear when you need someone to share the challenges of pregnancy with, and maybe even drive you to doctor visits. 

How to Tell Family and Friends that You’re Pregnant

Ideally, you want to tell everyone in person so that you can squeal and celebrate together and share many loving hugs. However, that’s not always possible or practical. 

Here is a list of methods for sharing the news from most personal to least:

  • Share the news in person, perhaps with surprise and a celebratory meal; something nice and fun like that where you can talk and get excited about it for a few hours. 
  • Video chat individually so that you both can see and feel the excitement together. 
  • Old fashioned snail mail: Send out a cute paper announcement with the news, thanking them for all their support over the years (and thanking them in advance for their awesome maternity gift from your registry). 
  • Personal text or call.
  • Social media. 

Everyone Else

Aside from your partner, parents, family, and best homies, everyone else can find out whenever they find out. This category includes your acquaintances, work friends, and anyone you know who can’t keep their mouths shut. As soon as these people start finding out, it’s public news by word of mouth.

That’s fine because, before long, you’ll be in a chic maternity dress, parading your precious bump around. People are going to find out one way or another. 

How To Finally Tell The Whole World That You’re Having a Baby

While the “everyone else” category doesn’t require as much of a personal touch, it leaves room for plenty of creative ways to make the announcement. Plus, the people you already told personally will still be super stoked to see an announcement on social media or wherever you make the announcement. 

The other benefit of letting your family and inner circle know first is that they can then help you announce if need be. Some of the ideas listed below take a little extra effort and would benefit from some extra help. 

Now, without further ado, here are five creative ways to announce your pregnancy:

Five Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  1. Gender Reveal

If you want, you can combine the pregnancy announcement with a gender reveal. Gender reveal announcements are a trendy thing to do these days, but there are still tons of ways you can do it in a unique way that’s meaningful to you.

Here are a few crowd-pleasing gender reveal ideas:

  • Pop a balloon to reveal pink or blue. Just don’t hurt anyone.
  • Smack an exploding baseball revealing blue or pink. Just don’t burn down a park.
  • Not interested in a gender reveal? Take a quick photo of a onesie that speaks to your hobbies, “Future Bookworm” or “Future World Traveler.”
  1. The Latest Family Photos

Have some photos taken of your existing family. It may just be you plus one equals two, or it could be a whole squad of kids excited to meet their newest sibling.

Whatever your family looks like, taking a family portrait that insinuates that the bun is in the oven is a tried and true way to announce your pregnancy. What about a photo with a temporary belly tattoo?

  1. Enlist Your Kids You Already Have Running Around

Letting your kids take part in the announcement is an adorable favorite. Not that you couldn’t do a cute job by yourself, there’s just something about a little kid holding a sign that reads big brother or big sister that tugs on the heartstrings.

Kids love helping out with special occasions, so you might see if they can gently apply some anti-swell cream to your tired feet. Just tell your partner that you’re teaching the kiddos the importance of self-care.

  1. Movie Trailer

Use a free program like iMovie to create a brief video in the style of a movie trailer. Utilize the sound effects and cinematic music to give a dramatic feel.

Imagine in a deep, movie trailer-like voice: 

Coming this summer… a creature like none other… entering the world for the first time to change it forever… 

And then maybe just end it with some text of the due date. Oh, the anticipation! Can’t wait to see that one.

Best. News. Ever.

You’re practically bursting with excitement and can’t wait to share the big news.

When the time is right for you, announce your pregnancy to the world in a creative and fun way. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it; it’s all about doing something that you feel represents you and your family well. It’s a memory you’ll cherish forever.