You Can Still Celebrate the Holidays Without Family (Hey, it might even be more fun.)

By Babe | Illustration by Ana Heard

Like us you’re probably wondering how to make beautiful holiday celebrations during Covid-19 without the one thing that makes them even worth celebrating: FAMILY. No, your kids might not be opening presents under grandma’s tree come Christmas morning, or lighting Hanukkah candles with pop-pop.

Thanksgiving might lit-er-ally be the same nuclear crew that eats takeout every other night of the week. But, with that in mind, there are ways to create meaningful holiday moments and memories for your kids that might look a little different, but be every ounce as special.

Here are just a few ideas below:

Covid-19 Friendly Holiday Ideas

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Set up a group Thanksgiving or holiday Zoom with loved ones. But, rather than having it be a cacophony of people eating and screaming collectively into the screen, organize events like “show and tell” or do a gratitude project where every family takes a turn.

Keep it Local

Got those friends who are family? Well, there’s no better time to cement their place in your inner circle than with the holiday. If you can’t hang with family, sometimes the next best thing (and often even better, IMO) is to huddle with the peeps in your life who make you smile on a daily basis, and are in your collective “pod.”

Take It Outside

Ramp up those heat lamps and set the table, because you really can host a family holiday outdoors. Of course, if you’re in Miami or sunny California, this may prove easier than a blustering Northeast November day, but if you really just bundle up and brace yourself, you can hang with the family all you want right in your backyard.

Get Tested….And Hang

We’re not going to sit here and tell you the exact testing schedule that would make an intimate family hang function safely, but you know the general gist: test, quarantine, repeat until you’re all together (and then lock the doors).

Make New Traditions

 Try and look on the bright side by creating new memories for your children that will last a lifetime, even if just for a short time. Host a Christmas Scavenger hunt, do a Zoom-friendly Turkey trot on the treadmill, wrap presents outside with some carols and hot toddies. Make it special, make it your own and your kids will be happy. We promise.