How to Handle the Heat and Keep your Bump Cool This Summer The HATCH team weighs in.

By Lauren Sweeterman | Photos by HATCH

Hey, Mamas to-be. We all know what the end of spring means – things are about to heat up. While the summer sun may seem daunting with your babe on board, there’s no need to fret. Whether you’re taking on New York’s steamy streets yet again, braving the neighborhood kiddy-pool chaos, or trying to remain calm in that Los Angeles traffic, we have some tips that fit perfectly in your summer tote. We asked our resident mamas how they kept cool, when their tummies got bigger than a watermelon at the picnic. 

Allison, Director of Growth: 

“Prioritizing comfort, ALWAYS. I invested in a uniform of biker shorts, tanks, and airy dresses. I always kept good hair ties on hand to throw my hair up and sported Birkenstocks for my swollen feet. Also, the HATCH bump sheet masks– they were really refreshing”. 

BABE TIP: Store the sheet masks in the fridge for an hour before applying for the ultimate experience.

Rosie, Chief Marketing Officer: 

Float! I sought out a pool anywhere I could…including the funny little city pool behind our house in Brooklyn. Purchase a cute pool floaty, sit back, and r-e-l-a-x”

BABE TIP: Throw on a cute suit and pack a bag with our Babe-friendly sunscreen

Ariane, Founder and CEO:

“Sit by a fan. Put your feet up. Our Down, Girl leg and foot cream has a ginger + mint formula that will cool you off- your perfect companion for a summer pregnancy.”

BABE TIP: Grab someone you love to do the applying- you deserve to be pampered, Mama.

Nikki, Vice President of Community:

“Having my 80 oz. water bottle with me at ALL times. Hydration, hydration, hydration!” 

BABE TIP: Add some cucumbers and lemon to your bottle to reduce water retention and make your sipping easy. 

Hilary, Senior Manager of Social Marketing:

“Snacking on watermelon- it’s hydrating, refreshing, and high in iron! I also lived in stretchy clothing. It was the first time in my life I felt comfortable wearing body-con clothing and actually loved it.”

BABE TIP: Invest in an elevated piece with some give for when you actually have to try… (sigh).