If You Only Buy 9 Maternity Pieces.... Peep the HATCH foundations you need.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

Once you get pregnant, it’s hard to know what you’ll need. You don’t want to overbuy, but at the same time, you need items to take you from the first mini bump all the way to the finish line, and then for the craziness of life afterwards. Fortunately, HATCH has got you the whole way through with the building blocks of your maternity wardrobe, like the perfectly supportive bra, the classic button-down and a pair of wear-everywhere denim. In an effort to guide your foundational maternity wardrobe, we’ve put together the nine items you need to look and feel amazing. Whether you’re killing it at work or on the dance floor, our styles are designed to move and grow with you so that you can keep on doing you – just pregnant.