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44% of Recent Moms Say *THIS* Is Hurting Their Mental Health Bobbie releases the 2021 Feeding Confessionals Report

By Ruthie Friedlander

Our friends at organic baby formula brand Bobbie are at it again after last month’s emotional feeding stories from celebs, they are taking it a step further with deep dive feeding confessionals about what infant feeding journeys are really like for everyday parents across the US. 

“Feeding Confessionals is a content series highlighting the emotional highs and lows of feeding a baby- our only agenda was to show the actual twists and turns, the tough decisions, and the emotional connection between becoming a new parent and feeding a baby,” the team at Bobbie tells Babe. “It started in 2020 as a yearlong project by Bobbie to showcase personal and raw video diaries from parents across the country.”

In partnership with research company, Wakefield Research, Bobbie surveyed 1000 moms who gave birth over the last two years, to reveal all things postpartum mental health and feeding.

You can check out the entire report here, but some stand out factoids to take away:

  • 44% of recent moms name at least one feeding-related challenge that is hurting their mental health
  • 46% of moms have lied about their feeding choice (that’s up to 56% for working moms) 
  • 40% of recent moms admit to feeling guilty about not being able to pump enough 

As if we needed more proof the conversation around feeding needed to be changed…

Bobbie doesn’t stop with simply reporting the research. The infant formula brand is asking for you (yes, you) to participate in their next round feeding confessionals. All you need to do? Click this link and follow the directions for a chance to be featured in this massively impactful series- what they hope will be the largest social study on feeding for modern parents. 

Not into sharing your own story? They’ve still thought of you. Bobbie has teamed up with the maternal wellness app Mindful Mamas to offer 20 custom guided meditations to help you through four chapters of a feeding journey: breastfeeding/chestfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding and weaning. From the challenges of weaning before you are ready to making every feed a moment to connect with your baby-  these first of their kind meditations are here to support the emotional rollercoaster of year one of feeding a baby. The app and Feeding Journeys content is free until the end of November! 

“When we saw the new data that the realities of feeding a baby are not meeting their expectations- we feel a responsibility to share what some of those realities really look like. From being able to make exclusively breastfeeding work, to having a supply drop when you go back to work, to having to toss 100 ounces of breastmilk in the trash because of high lipase– when you watch these emotional and raw feeding confessional diaries you can see that the feeding experience is truly as unique as the baby,” said Kim Chappell VP of Marketing for Bobbie. “By sharing more of these honest realities, by supporting parents in a new way with guided meditations, we’re hoping we can help lower that staggering data point that 79% of parents feel guilty about some aspect of their feeding journey. No one should feel guilty about feeding a baby- period.”