Introducing FP Movement x HATCH Because motherhood is a contact sport.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

We believe motherhood is a contact sport. We also believe that 30 minutes of yoga can make a day go from kind of crappy to pretty amazing. We believe that pickleball is the sport of the future, that leggings and a sports bra counts as daycare pick-up attire, and that pregnant and postpartum women should be able to do it all in activewear designed exclusively for them. Oh, and we believe it should be cute AF.

Introducing FP Movement X Hatch, the answer to stylish activewear made for your growing bump, for the journey of pregnancy and all of the afterwards. From light workout days to major cardio, it’s functional clothing for all the action on the court, at the gym or just living your everyday life as a mama. Enjoy!