Is it safe to get botox while pregnant? We asked the experts.

Oh girl. We wish! Here’s the deal. Experts aren’t sure if Botox is safe to use during pregnancy or not. That’s why they advise against it. After all, are those love lines around your forehead really worth the risk? In animal testing, Botox was reported to have caused rodents to have babies with low birth weight or worse, not developed properly, and some didn’t even survive. Do we think that’s necessarily the case here? Probably not, so if you DID get Botox without knowing you were pregnant, try not to stress it. The risk of an injection or two harming your babe is pretty low. Just don’t have anymore. For all these reasons, you should also wait until you’re done breastfeeding as it could pass through your milk. 

On the bright side, all that weight gain will do wonders for your crow’s feet and lines! As you continue to retain water, your skin should smooth out, so really, there’s no need. If for any reason, you’re concerned, hit up your doctor and check in with your dermo for some holistic, all natural alternatives. And remember, you look great!