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It Does Exist: A Pen That Stops The Scratching! + it's safe for you and babe.

By Ruthie Friedlander

We all know that as moms, we constantly seek out those ‘lifesaver’ products that can keep up with the crazy whirlwind of our daily lives. Here’s the good news: We’ve found one such gem and can’t wait to share it with you all. It’s the ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’ from All Better Co. And we guarantee, once you use it, you won’t leave home without it. 

Let’s talk about this little wizard in a bottle. The ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’ is one of those rare gems that multitasks just as much as we do. Be it an annoying itch from a bug bite, a minor skin irritation, or even those pesky rashes with a knack for appearing out of nowhere, this handy little pen has got you covered.

What’s amazing about the ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’ is that it’s not just for us grown-ups but also the babes in our lives. Its gentle formula is perfect for their sensitive skin, alleviating discomfort, reducing redness, and encouraging healing. So, yes, it’s like carrying a mini first-aid kit in your purse!

All Better Co. is known for their commitment to using only safe and natural ingredients. The ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’ follows suit, containing only skin-loving, non-toxic ingredients. And the best part? It actually works!

As moms, we know there are countless products out there that promise relief but rarely deliver. With the ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’, it’s different. The cooling, soothing sensation it provides upon application works almost instantly to calm the itch, and its regular use helps promote healthier skin.

It’s as much a summer essential, helping with those pesky mosquito bites, as it is a winter necessity, aiding with dry, itchy skin. It’s a product that promises and delivers year-round comfort.

With its pen-like design, application is a breeze — no mess, no fuss, no tears, just quick relief. 

In a nutshell, All Better Co.’s ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’ has earned our ‘Mom Seal of Approval.’ It’s that reliable buddy every mama needs in her toolkit, making both her life, and her kiddos’ lives, a whole lot easier. It’s more than just a product; it’s peace of mind. And as a mom, isn’t that what we’re all seeking?

So here’s to fewer itches, less discomfort, and more smiles! Say hello to your new best friend, Mamas — ‘Don’t Scratch That Pen’. Here’s to happier skin days for you and your little ones. After all, when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy. Now, isn’t that the sweetest thing?

Until next time, ladies. Keep shining, keep smiling, and above all, keep mothering like the rockstars you are.