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Mamas Talk How They're Honoring Juneteenth Celebrating freedom with meaningful tributes.

By Ruthie Friedlander

As we reach the middle of June, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of an important historical milestone: Juneteenth. With each passing year, the significance of this commemoration grows, reminding us to honor the long-fought battle for freedom and the ongoing, omnipresent struggle for racial equality. In the spirit of unity and education, parents across the country work hard (and smart) to use this day to engage their families in conversations about Juneteenth and create meaningful traditions to celebrate. Here, we share how some of our favorite Babe Mamas (some former Mom Crushes!) are actively engaging with their kiddos, sharing their unique ways of honoring Juneteenth and fostering a deeper understanding of our shared history. Join our community as we explore these celebrations and discover how families embrace Juneteenth with love, knowledge, and joy.

Rachel Nicks, C.E.O. Birth Queen

“We will celebrate Juneteenth with joy and freedom. We will cook a meal together. I will have a conversation with them about the fact that there were slaves and that some people don’t treat everyone with kindness and equality. I will encourage them to love themselves as they are and to choose Joy daily. 

I grind to protect their joy and peace. Unfortunately, with two black sons, I know one day I will have to rob them of their innocence to keep them alive. But next week at five and two, we can relish in Black joy.”

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Marisa Renee Lee, author, GRIEF IS LOVE: Living with Loss

“This year I am honoring Juneteenth by being honest about what it means to be Black in America. Three years ago almost everyone was focused on Black lives and racial equity, but three years later, not much has actually changed and in many ways things have gotten worse.”

“I think it is important that we not mistake a federal holiday for meaningful racial progress. Most of my professional work is at the intersection of racism and grief, so I intend to use Juneteenth as an opportunity to pause, to reflect on where we are and where we still need to go as a nation, and celebrate the strength and resilience of Black folks. After 400 years of violence, systemic racism and white supremacy, we are still here and that in and of itself is worth celebrating.”

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Latoya T. Bond, Mompreneur, and Marketing Executive  

“For my Caribbean American family, Juneteenth is our official kick-off to summer, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a family reunion-style cookout. We plan to officially open our pool, invite all our extended family and close friends, and celebrate our history, heritage, and culture through fellowship, food, music, and love. We’re a Montessori family, so teaching through experience is big for us. Let’s not talk about it; let’s be about it. There’s no better way to honor our ancestors, celebrate our accomplishments, and have open conversations about the future than with a good playlist, mixed cocktails, jerk chicken, and everyone (young and old) doing the electric slide. I literally can not wait.”

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Julee Wilson, Beauty Editor-at-Large at Cosmopolitan

“Juneteenth is a day of joy and rest for my family. It’s not lost on us that those two things weren’t afforded to our ancestors so it’s important that we lean into that. We’ll hang in Central Park, grab some ice cream, and then have a lovely dinner at home. Again, it’s just about being together, being ease and loving on each other.” 

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Alexis Kristiana, Digital Creator

“We plan to teach and show our kids how important the day is by visiting our local African American history museum and celebrating the day with a family cookout. Our babies are still so young, but there’s so much we can do to let them know the importance of this day, and that’s just what we will do!”

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Elise Peterson,  Podcast host of COOL MOMS

“Juneteenth is an opportunity for us to honor our ancestors and celebrate with our community. Since moving to L.A. we hit Leimert Park for their annual Juneteenth Festival. There’s incredible food, activities for the kids, art from local artisans, and of course, the drum circle which is Sargent’s favorite part!”

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