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The Definitive Guide to Maternity Essentials

By Babe

Incorporating maternity clothes into your wardrobe when you’re expecting and your bump is outgrowing all your pants calls for a shopping spree, complete with a rom-com-worthy fashion montage.

There are maternity wear pieces that you will definitely want to wear throughout your pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimesters when your jeans don’t snap like they used to.

But what items are part of this maternity wardrobe checklist?

Many women will notice that the end of the first trimester is when you will start needing to switch out some items. Thankfully, the clothing mentioned below can be worn whether you’re pregnant or not, making them great pieces to keep for the long run (like your alma mater sweatshirt, only nicer).

Here’s our breakdown of all the maternity clothing essentials you will want on hand:

Maternity Tops

When it comes to maternity tops, you have so many options. Since we’re looking at the essentials, you will want at least one of each of these, if not more. Lots of tops you already own will probably fit fine in the first trimester, but as your bump grows, you might realize they won’t last the whole nine months.


Having a basic t-shirt is a must-have. You will need a classic tee for going on casual dates, walking the neighborhood, or chilling around the house. The Perfect Vee is your go-to classic t-shirt with a wide v-neck and plenty of room for your bump to grow. It comes in six color options because you have enough choices to narrow down (ex: baby names).

Another basic t-shirt you’ll want is The Perfect Crew Tee 2-Pack which comes in black and white. These crew tees are the ultimate maternity tops to throw on when heading out to the grocery store or lounging around at the park on weekends.

A third, looser-fitting t-shirt is The Linen Circle Tee. This cute short sleeve maternity top is made up of 100% organic linen and is super-soft on the skin.

Maternity Button Downs

For a casual but slightly more dressed-up look, The Savannah Top is a retro-inspired short-sleeve button-down that can easily be accessorized to look more dressy and professional. This top revolutionizes maternity fashion; it looks as chic as everyday business wear but is sneakily designed to accommodate your growing baby bump.

The Classic Button Down is a staple. This long sleeve white or navy stripes button-down shirt is the ideal shirt to pair with a trendy blazer and flats. Pregnancy clothes never looked this stylish until now.

Maternity Long Sleeves Shirts

No matter the time of year or season, you want something warm to wear on colder summer nights or when you have the A/C blasting, but you want to get cozy.

The Linen Longsleeve Tee is a rose-colored stripe shirt made from 100% organic linen. This extremely soft long sleeve will be your new BFF. 

Maternity Pants

Within the first trimester, your pants most likely started to get tight and uncomfortable. Before your baby bump really starts bumping, you might want to grab a pair of pants so that you don’t have to run to the OBGYN in gym shorts while it rains.

Take a look at some of our fav maternity pants you will want to have to stay comfortable and on-point:

Casual Pants

Supportive high-waisted leggings with cute flare bottoms will always take the win. The Kara Pant is the embodiment of the perfect pair of trendy pants. Pair these super cute pants with a crop top and some sandals, and your outfit is complete.

The Weekend Pant is a more loose-fit, breathable pant that is great for loungewear or to wear out as you run errands. These lightweight pants are fantastic, especially as you get well into your third trimester, and all you want to wear are variations of sweatpants.


Maternity leggings are a pregnant mama’s best friend. Comfortable to wear as gym-worthy athleisure or as spa-ready loungewear, these stretchy pants are another maternity clothing staple.

The Ultra Soft Before, During And After Leggings are lovely for every stage of your pregnancy and postpartum periods. They are high-waisted so that you can wear them to cover the bump or tuck the top underneath the bump, whatever your preference — Mama knows best.

Another pair to add to your lineup, especially for workouts, is The Ultimate Before, During And After Crop Leggings. These compression activewear leggings are ideal when you need extra support, both during pregnancy and postpartum. Pair with a hoodie on your early morning walks.

Maternity Jeans

Finding cute maternity jeans that are flattering and don’t have these extra pieces of material that make it impossible to tuck in shirts does not have to be your reality. We’re putting a whole new spin on “mom jeans.”

The Boyfriend Maternity Jean looks incredible whether or not you have a shirt tucked in because it is free of any extra material that covers the bump or expands on your hips. These pants will fit your bump and grow with you. These jeans are best sellers for a reason.

The Crop Maternity Jean is a chic ankle-length cropped jeans that go well with sandal heels. Complete your outfit with a tank top and a light cardigan for those days you’ll be outside as a cool breeze flows through your hair.

Maternity Dresses

Your wardrobe is not complete without a maternity dress. All pregnant women that have worn a dress during their pregnancy will attest to the powers of such frocks.

The Ricky Slip Dress is a deep v-neck maxi dress that will fit your bump no matter the number on the measuring tape. This dress would look great dressed up with jewelry and heels or worn more casually with a jean jacket and flats.

Another maxi dress to consider is The Long Body Tank Dress which can be styled the same way but has a scoop neck instead. This sleeveless dress is similar to a bodycon dress and is an A+ choice to wear to your baby shower.


The Walkabout Jumper is an adorable casual jumpsuit that can be styled in a ton of different ways and will never let you down. This maternity style jumpsuit is a chic twist on overalls but with the comfort of your fav joggers.

The Noelle Jumpsuit is a button-down option that can be dressed up easily and allows easy access to breastfeeding if you want to wear this postpartum. These suits let you have fun and mix up your look throughout the week. 


Whether traveling or outside on a windy day, pack a few layers to fight off the chill. The Airplane Cardigan is the perfect thing to put on when on the go and need something comfortable. It’s made out of 100% cashmere, so be prepared for it to be the softest thing you’ll ever own. Pair it with a casual midi dress or a ruched cami to feel like absolute royalty.

Another 100% cashmere sweater is The Nadine Sweater. You can wear this sweater all throughout the year. Plus, it’s an excellent option if you don’t want an open front like the cardigan. If you’ve ever wanted to be hugged by a cloud, this sweater is the next best thing. 


Summertime means you’re going to want some maternity shorts for those extra toasty days. The Ultimate Before, During And After Bike Shorts are a fantastic choice to stock up on. With six colors to choose from, these shorts are made up of bamboo and spandex, making them stretchy and soft.

Pair with an oversized t-shirt or hoodie and some sneakers to complete the look. These are extremely comfortable to wear over or under the bump.

Not only do you need some biker shorts this summer, but you’ll also need some denim shorts. The Cut Off Maternity Short is designed to grow with you. The spandex wedge allows them to fit your body and the hottest trends. Pair with a short-sleeve button-down like the one shown above or a maternity tank for a memorable yet sleek look.

Start Getting Your Essentials Today

When it comes to maternity clothing essentials, these are the pieces that can set a tone for your whole pregnancy fashion journey. Each garment can be worn interchangeably and styled differently to fit the vibe you’re going for. 

Having at least a few options from each category will set you up with a strong foundation in your closet for your pregnancy. You can walk through your pregnancy with confidence and style, knowing that you’re ready for everything. From attending opening night at the art gallery to grabbing a cup of coffee to heading to the hospital to meet your newest arrival — you’ve got it in the bag.