"Meal Prep Has Saved My Life" You can do it, too.

” I cook every Sunday so I know I have weeknight dinners ready after 5pm carpool and everyone’s about to melt down. I prep eight staples on Sunday and quickly put them together throughout the week. My kids love assembling their own poke bowls or burgers, and if you get them involved, they eat better. 

On a Sunday, I’ll roast two whole chickens, make a big batch of quinoa and a sheet of cauliflower. So one day they’ll have chicken pot-pie, the next day they have tacos, and the next day they have stir fry. I make the assembly creative and unique and I repurpose certain things so that I can shop once and cook once, and it’s made my grocery bill so much cheaper. Cooking food in advance has made me a calmer, higher-functioning person.”

– Dini Klein, founder of Prep & Rally meal service and mother of three.