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9 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Baby Sleep Monitor From the baby monitor experts at Miku.

So you’re looking for a baby monitor. You could scour the Internet searching at endless pages of “which does what,” or you can cut through the noise and opt for the Babe-approved genius monitor that goes by the name of Miku. Read on for nine things to consider when shopping for your monitor (plus, why we think Miku’s the smartest of them all.)

What makes a monitor actually smart?

Last year’s “smart technology” is “so yesterday” when you compare it to what Miku has going on. Miku goes way beyond simple video and audio. They actually give parents access to insightful analytics related to their little one’s sleep, as well as track breathing and motion. The Miku analyzes every inhale and exhale, which is then compared to years of research to give you powerful insights into your babe’s overall health and development.

Contact-free or wearable? 

Miku is contactless, versus some alternatives, which require babies to don wearables. “Contact-free monitoring fits a new parent lifestyle,” the experts at Miku explain. “There is no washing, charging, calibrating for every use, or other added hassle!” Something we love? It also reduces the stimulation for babes while they sleep, which is always a good thing. The contact-free of it all also allows Miku to remain with your baby as they grow, unlike other wearable devices which have to be changed as they get bigger. 

How good is the A/V quality?

Miku has 1080p HD video, night vision, low-to-no lag time (thanks to a Qualcomm Processor), crystal clear sound quality, and easy two-way talk. Dream home theater or what?

How are you staying connected? 

Miku understands that you want to be sure you are able to see and hear what’s going on while your little one sleeps, wherever you may be. Wifi allows for a portable monitoring display, meaning you can use the Miku app on any smartphone or tablet. More places for more information equals better connectivity.

How are you staying informed? 

We all know the anxieties and stresses that come along with those first few days (read: months; read: years) of parenting. We also know (and honor) those nights where you need to shut off for the night and another adult be in charge. That’s why we especially love the ability to adjust all alerts and notifications on the Mikus. You basically have every alert possible at the touch of a button, but can be toggled on or off depending on the night.

Does your monitor know about your sleeping arrangements?

Miku can easily be moved from room to room on its floor stand. So whether you’re in your den watching/falling asleep to Father of The Bride for the 23525th time or in bed listening to that True Crime podcast that oddly calms you down, you can bring your Miku along.

Can it do more than just monitor? 

Not only a monitor, Miku can also be used as a sound machine with custom sounds and lullabies created by the expert team at Miku. No need to have five different digital devices in the nursery, with Miku, you get it all in one.

Does it monitor your nursery conditions?

Miku didn’t stop at monitoring your baby’s sleep. The monitor is also equipped to tell you all about your nursery. Temperature, humidity, sound, and light sensors help you set the perfect conditions for your little one’s sleep. 

How is the data secured/protected?

The Miku Pro has what’s known as “Crypto Chip Security,” a 256-bit encryption, and a Crypto Chip that’s part of the actual hardware. This ensures your feed remains safe, and tamper-proof.

This article was written in partnership with Miku.