Owlet Baby Sock Smart TechnologyOwlet Baby Sock Smart Technology

This Tech-Savvy Sock Wants To Help You (+ Your Baby) Sleep Better Because babies should have wearable tech, too!

Imagine this: an item of clothing for your baby that’s so technologically savvy its usefulness actually extends to you. Imagine the ability to remain cozy and warm in your bed, but still have the peace of mind that your baby is okay — sleeping peacefully and healthfully in the next room. 

Kurt Workman, co-founder and CEO of Owlet Baby Care, uniquely understands the many anxieties that run through the minds of parents after putting their newborns to sleep. When his own wife was an infant, his mother-in-law, led by instinct alone, found her baby lifeless in her crib due to a heart problem. Thankfully, the baby was quickly rushed to the hospital and received a lifesaving open-heart procedure. 

Workman himself became increasingly anxious about the potential of his own child suffering a similar experience to that of his wife. Intuition and instinct were not enough to rely on, he felt. Given the advances in technology over the years since his wife’s experience, there simply had to be a better, smarter, way to protect infants while they slept. 

The Owlet Baby Care Smart Sock, pictured with the Monitor Duo
Image courtesy of Owlet Baby Care

Like an Apple Watch designed exclusively for your baby, this comfortable, and yes, good looking sock proactively tracks your baby’s oxygen and heart rate so that you can both rest easier. Your only job? Peek the Base Station to check that everything is okay and your baby is sleeping safely, or, open the Owlet app and watch live readings of your baby’s oxygen and heart rate. 

But wait. There’s more. This sock is also a window into your baby’s sleep soul, allowing you to look at various sleep trends, like total hours slept and general sleep quality.

And while there are many debates when it comes to babies and sleep, one truth is undeniable: “Sleep is one of the most important components to a healthy, developing human being,” Dr. Aliza Pressman tells us. Likewise, “adults need sleep to remain healthy, both mentally and physically.” Our recommendation? Sock it, sit back, and get some shut eye.

This article was written in partnership with Owlet Baby Care.