Morning Coffees, Evening Walks, and Nonstop Cuddles: Our Community Talks Pandemic Silver Linings How the worst year ever had a few bright spots.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of HATCH

2020 was hard. Like really hard. And terrible. And scary. We lost a lot of people. We lost jobs. Our children lost their safe spaces and their communities. No, the pandemic was, and still is, total sh*t. But this Mother’s Day, we’re looking towards the light and celebrating the silver linings that came out of life in quarantine. The extra snuggles, the nightly dinners, the moments with our babes we’ll never get back – the surprising joys that emerged as a result of being together 24/7. Maybe it made us realize what’s actually important, or what we gained by slowing down and celebrating smaller moments in the absence of big ones. Whatever it was, life in the Q made us question how we want to live post-Covid-19, and the rituals we’ll take with us for a long time to come.

Kickin’ It at Home

For many of us, our homes doubled as work/life/childcare/school. And, while it was certainly a challenge, we got to settle into where we live (and who we live with) in a way more intimate way.

24/7 Hanging With the Fam’

It wasn’t always easy – actually it was never easy – but through nonstop togetherness, we rediscovered the safety and love that comes with family.

Slowing Down (Like, Way Down)

In the absence of work commutes, dinner plans and weekend trips, 2020 showed us what we were missing amidst the hustle and bustle of the “before times.”

Embracing the Little Things

2020 introduced us to Zoom dinners with friends, morning dance parties and the thrill of a growing houseplant. Little moments of magic that gave way to life’s biggest joys.

*All images courtesy of participants in the story.