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Moving While Pregnant? Follow these tips to stay sane

By Babe

Not going to lie – moving can be stressful. Sorting through everything you own, trying to find places for things you forgot you even had, and then uprooting your entire life and moving it to a different location… Oof.

It’s one of those universally stressful things. In fact, according to the BBC, moving is one of the most stressful life events.

Moving while pregnant? That’s an entirely different beast. You’ve got way more going on inside your body, mind, and life in general than you would normally. Moving WHILE pregnant may seem like a daunting task. 

Just because it can be stressful doesn’t mean it has to be. Moving, even during pregnancy, is totally doable with some friendly support and a little professional guidance.

Check out these ideas to make the moving process as smooth as possible. These tips will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed while so much is happening in your life.

Your baby is due, but so is that move-out date. Let’s hop to it, mamas.

Plan Ahead and Give Yourself Extra Time

This one is an absolute must if you’re moving while also navigating pregnancy and planning for a new baby. Whenever you’ve got a lot going on, it’s helpful to establish something of a plan that you know you have enough time to execute. 

You can’t always plan your babe’s arrival, but use your general idea to schedule your moving date far ahead of your baby’s estimated ETA.

Even still, timing the day of your move could also be tricky depending on several different factors. The least you can do is make sure that the move-in date and baby’s due date are not going to coincide. 

While unforeseen circumstances are always on the table, you’ll do best by planning ahead and allowing plenty of time to get all the packing and moving done. 

Since you’re already quite busy with the pregnancy (between doctor visits, self-care, rest, and day-to-day things like work and planning for a major life change NBD), it may seem like there’s hardly any time to get any moving done.

That’s why you want to allow yourself as much time as possible. Do a little here, a little there. Pack a box here; go through a closet there. Going slow and steady over the course of several months will be a lot easier than trying to get it all done in a weekend. It’s a “make a checklist for your checklist” kind of thing.

Why Rent a Moveable Storage Container?

Renting a moveable storage container is key to allowing yourself some extra time to get things all organized and packed.

A traditional moving truck usually arrives the day of or the day before the move. Then you have to try and fit all your boxes and furniture into the truck all at once and drive it away.

This could still be the way to go for you, but you might benefit from a moveable storage container if you prefer moving at a more leisurely pace. 

You can have a moveable storage container dropped off in your driveway, backyard, etc. That way, it’s there for you to organize however and whenever is most convenient for you. If you rent a storage container ahead of time, that could leave you months to get your packing together without having tons of boxes all over your house.

Pack the container little by little, and make sure you run some anti-swell relief cream to soothe your feet and legs. You’ll get it done, but you’re also going to take care of yourself and feel great while doing it.

Use a Moving Service

You’re already carrying a baby, so be careful how much more weight you add to your tasks (physically and metaphorically). One practical solution is to hire a moving service. This is a non-negotiable, really. Chances are, there are several moving services in your area that will move boxes and furniture for you. You can rent their services by the day, hour, or possibly even by the square footage of your house. 

The nice thing about using a moving service is that it will take away some of the heavy lifting duties. You don’t need to push yourself extra hard by carrying an old entertainment center all by yourself or that bar cart or coffee station that has been alluding you for the last several months.

The downside is that it’s not free. However, if you plan it right, you might be able to have a moving company help you with just the heaviest items.

That way, you can do the smaller, more meticulous items that go in boxes, and the moving company can do the heavy-duty stuff. Let them take care of the refrigerator (and the entertainment center).

Enlist Friends and Family for a Moving Party

There are a few good people out there who will happily help you move. In order to get them to actually show up, you might have to organize it and present it in an exciting package. 

Instead of texting a few people to ask if they’d help move, you can plan for a moving party that will bring everyone together for a fun time (and get all your junk moved to the new house). After all, people love free food, right?

Planning for a moving party might take a little extra effort upfront, but it pays off huge in the long run. Imagine sending out an invite to 20 to 30 people about the super fun moving party you’re going to have, complete with pizza and drinks in the backyard, a DJ, and plenty of boxes and furniture to entertain guests. 

If you go with the moving party, just make sure that you have all the boxes packed and labeled beforehand. Otherwise, people will show up to help move stuff and end up standing around not knowing what should go where. If it’s already packed and organized, all they have to do is move it to the truck. 

If you go this route on moving day, you can serve the role of gracious-glowing-pregnant-host (as opposed to primary box mover). Put on a flowy maternity dress, greet people, thank them for their help, and receive their compliments about how wonderful you look. 

Pack With Unpacking in Mind

With a baby on the way, there are some crucial items that you’ll need to access ASAP when you reach your new place. The baby stuff, for sure, needs to be packed with easy access and unpacking in mind. 

Anything you think you might need right away should be set aside and packed in such a way that it’s not stuck behind a bunch of other boxes and furniture. You’ll need clothes, toiletries, and other basics for you to function in the new house.

You also want to set aside items like your hospital bag — you don’t want your hospital goodies packed away when the moment comes!

If possible, you might want to consider moving the baby’s things over separately or ahead of time, just so that it’s all good to go and their cute little room is all set up and ready for them to arrive.

This will also help put your mind at ease, knowing that even if the entire house isn’t set up, your little one has a welcoming space ready to bring them home to. 

Prioritize Your Pregnant Mom Duties

Despite the extra stress and extra to-do list that comes with moving, you absolutely must prioritize your duties as a pregnant mom. That means taking care of yourself before dealing with packing and moving projects. 

Whenever you must do some of the dirty work of moving, make sure to wear a pair of compression socks so that your legs don’t swell up like they tend to do while carrying that baby. 

Taking care of yourself means the basics like eating and sleeping, going to all your checkups, and treating yourself to proper self-care routines, particularly the ones you need most during pregnancy. 

Sure, maybe the upstairs guest room is full of boxes; someone can help you get that moved downstairs. They can’t, however, help you carry and deliver a baby. That’s your main job, mama, and the more you can take on a supervisor-type role in the moving process, the better. 

New House, New Baby, New Chapter

If you’re wondering how you’re going to pull off a move during your pregnancy, take a deep breath and try not to worry. It’s a big deal and a lot to think about, but you’re also on the verge of an exciting new chapter. 

Using the tips above, you can prepare for your move, create a strategy, and enlist the help you need in order to get the move done as smoothly as possible.