Nature Baby Names for Winter Due Dates It's a toss up between Acacia and Xylona for us.

By Anna Ephron Harari

This list has been adapted from The Amazing Baby Name Book for this article. Check out the book for further name suggestions and the stories behind the names, including an array of other themes such as “Names Immortalized by Songs” and “Names that Sparkle.” Be sure to get the matching stationery sets at Over the Moon for your baby shower thank you cards!

As we hibernate in the cozier surroundings of winter, we can’t help but notice all the magical natural elements that make up winter that would make amazing baby names. Naming your child after a plant or natural element ensures they will always feel connected to Mother Earth. Not to mention makes for creative party favors symbolizing their name for future birthdays. 


This tropical plant, which blooms in late winter, is called the “wait-a-minute” bush because it hooks onto passers-by. We imagine that as a loving gesture. 


The bay leaf is a crucial ingredient in soup that adds the most subtle of aromas. Its benefits linger long after it has left the room (or in this case the soup bowl.) The name Bay invokes stillness. Best with a last name with more than one syllable: Bay Hodges, Bay Burnett. 


Chrysalis is a form of hibernation, the silky and mysterious transitional state of a butterfly. It involves anti-freezing chemicals for self-preservation before the butterfly emerges into the world transformed.


The root is omnipresent in holiday desserts that bring cheer to everyone, and eating it in non-sugary ways has health benefits that have made it a medicinal ingredient for centuries. Ginger is definitely someone you would want as a friend!


The state tree of Canada because it symbolizes strength and endurance, not to mention sweetness. 


A Greek name that means “from the woods” or “from the forest.” 


When winter colds hit, everyone stocks up on zinc, the chemical element that boosts your immune system. A child named Zinc would enhance everyone they came into contact with. They have antique bar tops made of zinc in Paris that are amazing to look at and inspire conversation.