Nikki's List! Registry Items For Breastfeeding

By Nikki Millman | Photo by Stocksy

In a world filled with endless baby registry options, Nikki Millman stands out as a beacon of wisdom and authenticity. Drawing from her profound journey from the early beginnings of HATCH to her recent transformation into motherhood, Nikki has distilled years of insights into a registry list tailored for the modern mom. With a special focus on the unique needs of breastfeeding mothers, “Nikki’s List” is more than just a collection of items – it’s a testament to understanding the intimate challenges and joys that come with nurturing a new life. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned parent, dive into this carefully curated list that doesn’t just prioritize the baby, but also ensures that mothers get the care and love they equally deserve. Here, is a curation of all that’s needed on your nursing journey.