Nutrafol Postpartum SupplementNutrafol Postpartum Supplement

The One Thing Worth Investing in For Postpartum Hair Loss Nutrafol for the win.

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The postpartum hair thinning struggle is real. Just ask VP of Community at HATCH Collection, Nikki Millman. 

“I had always heard that your hair falls post-pregnancy and I was nervous because I have super fine hair,” she tells Babe. “Right when I stopped breastfeeding, though, it was total game-over, falling out in clumps everywhere for a good three weeks. I was desperate for an option that was targeted directly to me – a postpartum mom vs. going to any hair supplement.”

Imagine that! A scientifically formulated supplement that is safe for postpartum moms? 

Meet Nutrafol Postpartum, the first-ever OBGYN-developed postpartum hair nutraceutical on the market. Oh, and get this–it’s breastfeeding friendly. One hundred percent drug-free and all-natural, Nutrafol Postpartum works by targeting the root causes of postpartum thinning hair, like the physical and emotional stress of childbirth and parenting, as well as nutrient depletion. 

Nutrafol Postpartum uses clinically-tested ingredients that work together to support women’s hair health as they navigate the incredible yet oftentimes challenging transition from pregnancy to motherhood,”  Dr. Anne Kennard DO, FACOG, Dipl-ABLM, San Luis Obispo, CA.

“Changes in your body postpartum can take a toll on your hair,” Nutrafol tells Babe, “Our goal is to empower women to embrace the beauty of their hair growth recovery now with the confidence that the science of Nutrafol Postpartum will replenish it.”

Now let’s do a reality check here: 

Nutrafol is not a magic pill that will give you the hair of your dreams overnight. (Side note: Did you even have the hair of your dreams before having a baby?)

It is recommended to use the supplement for three to six months and even longer to continue hair growth. This will be a process. But given its natural formulation and the added benefit that you can take immediately after giving birth, we say, if you’re going to invest in ONE thing for your postpartum hair thinning recovery: invest in this.  

This article was written in partnership with Nutrafol.