Peace Out, Bug Bites These patches are the solve for all your outdoor hangs.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of All Better Co.

Say good-bye to itchy legs, yucky cortisone and the obscene odor of traditional bug spray – you know, the kind that makes you feel high? (not the good kind.)

We’re obsessed with All Better Co.’s Don’t Scratch That patches, the first-of-its kind solution for itchy bumps and bites that is as smart as it is simple. These self-adhesive hydrocolloidal patches creates a seal around the targeted area to concentrate the reaction so your and your babe’s skin can just focus on calming down and chilling out. It’s all due to one hero ingredient – tea tree oil that helps soothe inflammation and quiets the itch.

It’s also super easy to use and kinda cute, too. So you and your babe can be itch-free all summer.