Pilar Guzman's Potluck No-Brainer. "You'll look like a f*ckin superhero."

If I need to make a last minute dessert, I take out store-bought pie dough and make a galette. It’s literally Pillsbury pie dough and whatever fruit you have.

Pilar Guzman

Heat the oven according to pie crust instructions, pour the equivalent of a basket and a half of berries or four pieces of small stone fruit (you can throw in a sprinkling of berries here too), slice and mix with the juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of sugar. Unfurl your pastry, place enough fruit in the center of the dough so that you can fold up the sides of it onto itself leaving a couple of inches in diameter of fruit exposed. Place on parchment on a cookie sheet and cook until the crust is golden and fruit is burbling and jammy. Make a second one while you are at it and you will look like a fucking super hero.